Nov 4

Nelda Y.

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Rodney, I would really love to tell people what an amazing work you guys have done and are doing here at my home. Native Edge has not only been professional and courteous, you have gone over and beyond by listening to my thoughts and lifestyle to help me determine exactly what is needed for my yard. Your crew was respectful and actually delightful, they enjoy their work and it is evident not only in their work ethic, but in their demeanor. They understood and anticipated my reaction to the “removing” of the old yard and the creative process of the complete transformation as the “new yard” came to be. It was all an incredibly life changing process for my home. Even now in the maintenance phase, anticipating the completion of my studio construction and then the second phase of the yard, Conan and his crew have been impeccable.

The changes are not only beautiful but functional with such care going into respecting our Austin climate and environment. I love coming home in the evenings and seeing the glowing lights of my yard, it is so inviting.

I would try to find negatives…but it has all been a positive experience. I would highly recommend Native Edge to anyone. And to you, Rodney, thanks for the creativity and listening to the artist that I am and for connecting me to just the right craftsmen to create the touches like the gates created just for my space. It has truly been fun!

Nelda Y.
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