Jun 1

Laura T.

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I can’t think of one unfavorable comment I can make about Native Edge Landscape.
First of all, they were the only company (out of FOUR that we called) that returned with a preliminary plan. There was very little tweaking of the plan as designer Jill listened carefully to our vision and took many notes.
They were not inexpensive but with the work the team encountered from the amount and depth of rock in our yard I do think they earned the money.
Native Edge started our project before they thought they would be able. They were present every week day. At the end of every day they cleaned up the entire area, stacked and placed their tools and machines out of the way.
The employees were pleasant, hard working and very talented.

I am extremely pleased with the Native Edge. Our landscaping turned out beautiful and exactly what we had envisioned.
Well done to Jill, Kyle, Eli and the rest of the gang.

Laura T.
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