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Mar 22

Whats the best part of being a designer? Seeing it come to life of course! #groundcovers #savewater #savetheplanet #waterwise

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Feb 26

[igp-likes] Likes Just a little southwest/modern flair to this traditional landscape to help this family stay water conscious and update the space #nativeedge #designtime #waterwise

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Oct 28

Brentwood Bermuda Invasion

By Rodney Stoutenger | 1 Comment

This project is a perfect example of how a few simple changes can produce a powerful impact! Tired of constantly fighting the Bermuda grass creeping into his garden beds, this customer was ready to make some changes! And in the process, reduce the time and waste of watering!

With this in mind, we selected native and drought tolerant plant material to utilize in the updating of his existing garden bed lines. With a balanced mixture of taller upright plants for  architectural accents, and a colorful mixture of ground covers for year round color, this garden went from drab to fab with a few easy steps!

Now this property has an updated look, with a simple maintenance plan!

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