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Dec 4

“Don’t throw away your Christmas tree; give it another life by recycling it! City of Austin curbside customers can recycle their trees by leaving them at the curb on their regular collection day. All other residents can drop trees off at Zilker Park.” “The Zilker Drop Off times are on the weekends, from DEC 30-JAN 7. Check…

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Apr 29

New design on deck!

By Rodney Stoutenger | Leave a comment

New design on deck! This design for a small contemporary courtyard space is solving many issues by reducing some urban heat, eliminating lawn, and reducing the water consumption in some creative ways! Stay tuned for more! #landscapedesign #landscapeArchitecture #design #reducereuserecycle #xeriscape #atx #atxlife #nativeedge #nativeedgelandscape

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