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How a Backyard Burden Became Backyard Bliss 

by Erin Spencer / November 6, 2017

All too often designers need to be reminded not to focus on form over function. However, in order to truly have complete functionality within a space one must think creatively otherwise it would be impossible to achieve.When we were given this project back in February we knew it was going to be a challenge. Before, the entire space was virtually unusable for entertaining, and the homeowners would rarely go outside. The stairs needed support beams to be sturdy, but other than that no thought was put into the function of the space under the stairs, especially since it was in such a small yard.        After we got our hands on it, however, that all changed. By simply using techniques and design elements we were already comfortable with, we were able to utilize every inch of space. The stairwell's height actually turned out to be one of its greatest assets when we installed this vertical herb garden along the side. Stairs are a perfect place to put a garden like this, because if you put a planter box at every other stair you'll know they'll be evenly spaced and look great! Because there was equipment under the stairs, we also created a gate out of the same material used for the vertical garden creating a seamless finish, as well as adding mesh along the side to allow vines to grow up. Not mentioned above, we also created this fire pit/planter box combo allowing for even more utility despite our lack of dimensions. We finished the entire design with our signature cement pavers and gorgeous yellow pots and now this backyard is fit for any home!

You Won’t Believe This Transformation!

by Rodney Stoutenger / March 17, 2017

Progress pic of one of our current projects happening now! You won't believe this transformation![igp-likes] Instagram LikesProgress pic of one of our current projects happening now! You won't believe this transformation! #spring #austin #landscapedesign #landscapeconstruction #deck #fountain #pavers #veggiebeds #atx #atxlife #nativeedgelandscape #nativeedge

The install crew nailed this custom poured-concrete paver path.

by Rodney Stoutenger / June 24, 2016

@nativeedge install crew nailed this custom poured-concrete paver path.The[igp-likes] Instagram LikesThe install crew nailed this custom poured-concrete paver path. #thanksguys #custom #concrete #pavers #deepintheheartoftexas #atx #concretesteelrepeat #modern #landscape #design #nativeedge

Whimsical Crestview

by Rodney Stoutenger / February 25, 2014

IMG_4325This fun couple has some great ideas of their own that helped shed light onto the whimsical transformation! By adding small features such as their new dog house, a new fountain focal piece, fun garden art, and a great shade tree; this yard took on a whole new life! Together we took this yard from barley functional, to a fabulous entertainment space!Read More »Whimsical Crestview