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Cat Mountain – Asian

by Rodney Stoutenger / October 30, 2012

What a neat property! When having a busy schedule, teaching and traveling, you don’t have much time to maintain the worlds most immaculate gardens. These clients have always been partial to the Asian-influenced design elements. With having most of the statuary already existing from their travels and collections, we just needed a design with the correct use of space. By removing a large portion of turf, adding rock gardens, and basing our flow off of the fung-shu design principles, we were able to create the low maintenance, xerioscaped gardens these clients have always wanted!
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Getting set up for OctoTea 17!!

by Rodney Stoutenger / October 28, 2012

Getting set up for OctoTea 17!! Getting set up for OctoTea 17!!

Sponsoring OctoTea 17!

by Rodney Stoutenger / October 27, 2012

Native Edge Landscape is sponsoring Octopus Club's OctoTea17! Join us for a night of fun for a good cause!Not only will you see our beautiful arrangements throughout the party (including surrounding the dance floor and VIP lounge); but, you will also have a chance to bid on a Master Garden Design, as well as a beautiful custom arrangement featuring the orchid below!Working on an arrangement for OctoTea17! Join us Sunday night, 6pm @ the Mexican American Cultural Center! For more info see or 
This year, and every year, the Octopus club promises that 100% of the money raised from ticket sales, the auction, raffle, and even from Corporate Sponsorships will go to the Paul Kirby Emergency Assistance Fund at AIDS Services of Austin. No overhead or administrative costs come out of the funds that we raise. It will all go toward providing life-giving medications, co-payments, eyeglasses, food, transportation, and utility and rent payments for needy persons living with HIV/AIDS.
Join us Sunday night, 6pm @ the Mexican American Cultural Center! For more info see or!