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Apr 9

[igp-likes] Instagram Likes Oh you know… Just watching ourselves on @diynetwork’s #yardcrashers with @chrislambton13 #atx #diy #almostFamous

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Jun 8

24 hours to go! Count down starts now to the first ever Austin Premeire of #YardCrashers on @diynetwork with @chrislambton13 and @nativeedge ! Be sure to tune in tomorrow on #DIYNetwork at 9pm (CST) #nativeedgelandscape #premeire #atx #atxlife #hgtv 24hrCountDown #potd A video posted by Native Edge Landscape (@nativeedge) on Jun 7, 2015 at 6:17pm…

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Jun 1

ONLY ONE WEEK LEFT till the premiere of our Yard Crashers​ episode on DIY Network June 8th, at 9 PM CST! For more info, Check out https://nativeedgelandscape.com/hgtv/

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May 26

We’ve been sitting on this news for a year now, and are so excited to get to share with you! In two weeks, watch us transform this property in two days on the first ever Austin Episode of Yard Crashers. Monday, June 8th 9pm CST on the DIY Network!

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Jul 28

Take one look at Pinterest and you will see… everyone today is obsessed with pallets! Of course, as a landscape company we constantly have more and more pallets building up.  So, its always exciting to see them put to good use! Today was a clean up day for our landscape yard. And one of our…

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Feb 24

succulent title

Hello there boys and girls! Today we have a special treat! A how-to for succulent centerpieces!

Lets face it, succulents are HOT right now. It only takes two minutes on Pinterest to prove my point. They are freak’n EVERYWHERE. So, if you have a wedding, birthday, open house, bar/bat-mitzvah etc; and want to be like all the cool kids… you better hop on this trend before it has gone the way of the tamagotchi (actually, we have recently been informed by our resident 7 year-old; that tamagotchis are on their way back “in”).

Any-dang-way, the best part about these succulents, is that their unique look (and fairly recent mainstream use), makes it incredibly easy to impress ANYONE. Seriously folks… You can’t mess this up! We personally guarantee that even your most snootiest of Aunty Margarets will be all “Oh my, succulents! And you did this yourself? You must be incredibly talented and creative! Here is a $20!” (Your mileage may vary)

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Jan 25

If you don't have your to already- your missing out! $60 at the door 7pm-11pm! Merry Merry Martini Mixer! Hope to see you there!

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