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Project Transitions: Changing Lives One Plant at a Time

by Erin Spencer / October 2, 2017

Before the 1980’s not much was known about the virus we refer to as human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), or the terminal illness it would develop into, acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). Today, however, kids learn about HIV/AIDS as early as elementary school, and thanks to advances in medicine it has since been downgraded from a “terminal illness” to a “manageable chronic disease." Unfortunately, the symptoms of HIV/AIDS can actually make it difficult for people to receive the treatment they need. Mainly, increasing difficulty in finding and keeping a job. Without a steady income people can struggle to pay for housing, food, clothes, and toiletries. Under those conditions, even people with health insurance can have trouble keeping to a medication schedule! That's where Project Transitions steps in. Project Transitions is a non-profit organization located in Austin, Texas whose main mission is to support people living with HIV/AIDS by providing them with, “supportive living, housing, recuperative and hospice care." This not only means they provide affordable transitional housing, but they also provide services that help them apply for permeant housing and get them closer to living an independent life.Read More »Project Transitions: Changing Lives One Plant at a Time

A day of caring with Out Youth and HomeAway

by Rodney Stoutenger / September 9, 2016

A day of caring with Out Youth and @HomeAway[igp-likes] Instagram LikesA day of caring with Out Youth and HomeAway #dayofcaring #outyouth #nativeedgelandscape #atx