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Jan 10

Our customers for this project were a young, active family new to Austin with a keen eye for design and a love of the outdoors. The main goal of this project was to implement an outdoor living space while also providing an area for their dogs and kids to be active. 

Starting in the front yard, we added a walkway to connect with the street to create a welcoming entrance for guests.  Next we focused on extending their indoor living space into the backyard by implementing elements that they would draw them outside. The new patio and fire pit, built-in seating opportunities, an outdoor shower, and an adjustable louvered pergola help keep the space comfortable for everyday use. A rain water catchment and a raised garden and herb wall create opportunities to interact with their landscape. The inclusion of the custom built play area gives the kids a separate place to play while mom and dad entertain. 

The home was a new construction, with unique yard layout that left us with a series of corners. These customers were conscious of choosing environmentally friendly options to work with nature in their space rather than combat it. We were able to create movement within the yard and soften the structures with native plantings that added energy to the space.  

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Jun 22

Game Time

By Matt Tingley | Leave a comment

[igp-likes] Instagram Likes Game time. #handmade #hatching #copic #micron #modern #xeric #landscape #design #crestview #atx #nativeedge

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Jun 21

[igp-likes] Instagram Likes 3/16″ scale…reunited and it feels so good. #icanseeclearlynow #alreadyoutofsongreferences #handmade #copic #micron #wip #blackandwhite #lineworkworkworkwork #theresonemore #modern #landscape #design #atx #crestview #nativeedge

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May 21

[igp-likes] Instagram Likes Did you read the AustinAmericanStatesman article about our #atx #funky landscape that incorporated some Austin life with the use of our customer’s collection of #bowlingballs!! If you missed the article this weekend, you can read the article here. #atxart #atxlife #atxstyle #landscapedesign #landscapearchitecture #garden #eclectic #eclecticstyle #crestview

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Mar 18

What we love most about our landscapes is having fun! That is why it is always so great to be a part of a project with such personality! These homeowners were a fun couple, with great history – picking up electric art and sculptures along the way! Every piece having it’s own story! When we…

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Feb 25

Whimsical Crestview

By Rodney Stoutenger | 1 Comment

IMG_4325This fun couple has some great ideas of their own that helped shed light onto the whimsical transformation! By adding small features such as their new dog house, a new fountain focal piece, fun garden art, and a great shade tree; this yard took on a whole new life! Together we took this yard from barley functional, to a fabulous entertainment space!

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Oct 1

Crestview Modern Craftsman

By Rodney Stoutenger | Comments 3

AfterWhat a fantastic couple to work with! We were presented with the challenges of needing more outdoor living space, a place to rinse after long bike rides, and an area for the young couples newest addition to play. We did it! We doubled the outdoor living space, added an outdoor shower just off the new patio, and managed to use the shape of the yard to our advantage to create an easy flow and accessibility to the yard! We were left with a new landscape that fit this young couples awesome style of a modern-craftsman infusion!

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May 5

The Daisy Scout Troop painting pottery with us today at the Violet Crown Festival! Thanks to all who came out in support!!

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May 4

Setting up the garden entrance for the Violet Crown Festival! Come join us a Brentwood park from 11am to 6pm!! Music, arts, vendors and lots of stuff for the kiddies!

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