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$100 Off One-Time Spring Cleanup

 Spring is just around the corner. Give your yard a head start by scheduling a one-time cleanup to clear out all of Winter's debris. Clean up includes leaf removal, weeding, corn gluten application, winter pruning and trimming to start the spring off right! Contact us now and mention this email to get your discount!

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Services must be booked by 2/29/2016 to receive discount. Pricing varies by size of yard and complexity of landscape. Coupon Code: tenderLovingLawnCare

Newsletter Re-Boot

Well, It's been a while. But it's a new year and we are back in the swing of things. We'll be sending this newsletter to ya' every month packed full of tips and treats to make your yard a success all year long (and an occasional coupon to help out along the way).So, what tips do we have for you today?! Corn gluten! Like any good Austinite, weeds like a strict gluten free diet. Well, sorta.Corn gluten is a natural "pre-emergent" meaning that it's job it to restrict the establishment and growth of new plants. In February, most of the "winter weeds" have already gone to seed and are getting ready to make their spring appearance. Introducing corn gluten during this time chokes the seeds as they try to establish themselves while your established lawn is able to continue thriving.You can pick up corn gluten at your local garden center. Or... you know... you can give us a call! :)

Recent Work

We've been pumping out some awesome projects lately! Make sure you check out our portfolio to see all the new stuff! We are also regularly sharing works in progress on our blog. Make sure you stop by and check it out!