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Jun 24

We have had the pleasure of working on multiple projects for this property over the past few years! It has been great to watch the property change and turn into the native oasis it is today! The most important aspect of this property that the owner wanted to maintain was that all the plantings were native to Central Texas. The back of the property was filled with native plantings around the pool, and the property owner wanted a cohesive look with her beds in the front yard that had become overgrown. We removed the old plants and added in some of the same native plantings that were found in her back yard. Yaupon Holly was added along the property line to provide extra privacy from the neighbors and flowering natives were clustered to make the property more pollinator friendly!

Another request from the owner was that we make the property more inviting during the evenings. We added in some outdoor lighting to highlight the trees, as well as lighting that illuminated the pathway up to the house and around the back of the property. This added a dreamy element to the space, making the property more inviting to guests.

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Jun 1

Located in downtown Georgetown, this family transformed their front yard into a wildflower wonderland! They envisioned a welcoming entrance with seating and native landscaping to host both guests and pollinators on their property. They wanted to ditch their grass yard in favor of colorful native plants that would create a charming scene for friends and neighbors alike. They dreamed of a gathering space in their front yard that looked out over their native plantings, so we added a seating area with cafe lights and raised steel planters so that the plantings could be enjoyed while seated. Black star gravel was added for furniture and plant contrast, making them pop against the home and landscaping. This family now has a relaxing area to gather, host friends, and watch the pollinators visit their beautiful wildflowers!

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Nov 3
Oct 15

Adding a fire pit to your space provides an eye-catching focal point while increasing the value of your home. Nothing says “welcome” like a fire pit. They provide both an optimal location for hosting guests, and a relaxing sanctuary for a romantic night in or a quiet evening with the family. The beautiful dancing flames…

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Oct 29

[igp-likes] Instagram Likes Just a little work in progress shot from some awesome office improvements we’ve had going on today! New entry landscape, pergola break space, BBQ grill, and some metal planters of course! Come on by to see the finished product! #nativeedgelandscape #nativeedge #office #progress #beforeandafter #atx #atxstyle #atxlife #landscape

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Oct 25

[igp-video src=”https://nativeedgelandscape.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/14839065_715658185257338_122165216543768576_n.mp4″ poster=”https://nativeedgelandscape.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/14564912_1460523497294533_2866010261913862144_n.jpg” size=”large”] [igp-likes] Instagram Likes One of our automated louvered Arcadia pergolas in action! You can open and close the roof depending on the weather- and protect from the rain! #arcadia #pergola #landscapearchitecture #landscapedesign #patio #landscape #shade #sun #auto #nativeedge #nativeedgelandscape #atx #atxlife #atxstyle

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May 21

[igp-likes] Instagram Likes Did you read the AustinAmericanStatesman article about our #atx #funky landscape that incorporated some Austin life with the use of our customer’s collection of #bowlingballs!! If you missed the article this weekend, you can read the article here. #atxart #atxlife #atxstyle #landscapedesign #landscapearchitecture #garden #eclectic #eclecticstyle #crestview

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May 7

[igp-likes] Instagram Likes Booth all set up and ready for action! Beautiful weather, beautiful day to be at Violet Crown Festival! #vccw #violetcrownfestival #atx #atxstyle #nativeedge #nativeedgelandscape #DominoThePig

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Apr 25

[igp-likes] Instagram Likes It’s that time of year again, when we do our spring cleaning and welcome Mother Nature and all her wonders! #spring cleaning #mothernature #atx #atxlife #sunflower #flowerpower #atxstyle #nativeedge #nativeedgelandscape

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Apr 12

[igp-likes] Instagram Likes Things are really starting to take shape at our modern garden home in North Austin! @mattatnativeedge did a great job designing this small space to create a large impact and the crew is of course finalizing with flawless execution! #modern #landscapedesign #landscapearchitecture #wood #metal #deck #pergola #trellis #fence #screen #privacy #atx #atxstyle

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