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    We do things because they are right and just and that is who we are. That’s who we are as a company. When I think about human rights, I don’t think about an ROI. ... and by the same token, I don’t think about helping our environment from an ROI point of view.

    Tim Cook, CEO Apple

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    Successful people have a social responsibility to make the world a better place and not just take from it.

    Carrie Underwood

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    Despite their good intentions, today's businesses are missing an opportunity to integrate social responsibility and day-to-day business objectives - to do good and make money simultaneously

    Cindy Gallop

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    Giving back is a huge part of what motivates us as a company, and as individuals.


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    I've always felt like a company has the responsibility to not wait for the government to tell it what to do, or to wait for the consumer to tell it what to do, but as soon as it finds out it’s doing something wrong, stop doing it.

    Yvon Chouinard - (Patagonia)

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    Always do right; this will gratify some people and astonish the rest.

    Mark Twain

Responsibility is more than a buzzword.

At Native Edge, we don’t just create native landscapes. We are one. We run our business exactly like we serve our customers—with genuine care, commitment, and dedicated responsibility:

To Our Environment

We strive to incorporate cutting-edge techniques in green and eco-friendly landscaping, and we’re committed to staying up-to-date with all of our design and maintenance techniques.

To Our Community

We work only with local suppliers and resources. By building strong relationships with other Austin businesses, we minimize costs, lessen our environmental footprint, and support our local economy.

To The Greater Good

We consider social responsibility an important part of our mission, from partnering with local non-profits to sponsoring charitable events and donating money and materials to important causes.

To Our Team

We believe that doing great work starts with offering great work. We take care of our own by paying a living wage, offering benefits and perks, and supporting our team members’ work-life balance.

How We Stay Local

We like to go beyond just keeping Austin weird—we do everything we can to keep it strong and thriving, by:

  • Using only native plants in our landscapes—those that grow naturally in our area and are more resilient in our local environment.
  • Utilizing Texas materials and resources, creating less impact on the environment and reducing gas emissions from transporting these materials from far away.
  • Working with local suppliers and vendors to support our native economy. We shop and buy locally for our office goods, clothing, print design, etc.

Some of Our Local Suppliers & Partners

  • The Bumper Sticker Store
  • Under Pressure
  • Capital Stamp Company
  • Miller Blue Print
  • Ten Gage
  • Contenterie

Organizations We Give To

We’re actively involved in donating time, money, and materials to a growing list of organizations and associations. To find out how you can help or join in, or to find out more about these groups, visit the websites below.

3 Equality Texas: EQTX

2 Octopus Club/AIDS Services Austin

4 Violet Crown Community Works


Project Transitions

Drive A Senior

NWACA: Northwest Austin Civic Association
Austin Wine & Food Foundation

  • “Thank you for all the work you do for Project Transitions! We can’t express our gratitude!”

    - Layne, Project Transitions

  • “Funds raised through our events this year will enable us to continue making grants to our beneficiaries. We could not achieve this important goal without your help!”

    - Peggy, The Wine & Food Foundation of Tx

  • “Your generous support of our older neighbors is greatly appreciated!”

    - Cindy, Drive A Senior

  • “Thanks so-so-so much for your sponsorship of NWACA this year. We appreciate all the help!”

    - Chris, NWACA