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Q: When and how do I sign up for Health Insurance?
A: If you are hired as a full-time employee you are eligible for Health

benefits after 90 days of employment. During that 90 days you need to sign into your GoCo account and click on the Benefits tab. Then click on Make Changes and choose the plans for Medical, Dental or Vision.

Q: How do I make changes to my health benefits?
A: Annual Open Enrollment is once a year, usually durning the month of November. This is the time you can add/change/cancel your medical benefits. Our benefits plans renew every January 1st. Throughout the year you can only make changes to your health benefits coverage if you have a qualifying event such as marriage, divorce, had a child, adopted a child, spouse got a new job with coverage, etc.

Q: How do I request PTO (Paid Time Off)?
A: Log into your GoCo Account and click on the Time Off tab. Then click on the Request Time Off button. Choose the type of time off you are requesting and request the dates needed. Only include the dates that you are scheduled to work. For example, if you are requesting Thursday, Friday and Monday off then enter one request for Thursday and Friday and a second request for Monday so that you do not include Saturday and Sunday in the request. You will get an email letting you know once your time off request has been approved.

Q: How do I request Time Off without Pay?
A: Complete the same steps shown above for Paid Time Off requests but select unpaid time off as the type of time off.

Q: Where can I find how much Paid Time Off I have accrued?
A: Log into your GoCo Account and click on the Time Off tab. The number of Hours Used and Hours Available are listed.

Q: How do I make adjustments to my W-4 Form (Tax withholdings)?
A: Log into your GoCo Account. Click on the Payment & Tax tab. Then click on the Edit button next to Tax Withholding. The W-4 form will pop up for you to make changes. Make sure you click the Update Taxes & Save button when you are done.

Q: Where can I find my W-2 Form?
A: Log into your GoCo Account. Click on the Documents tab. This will bring up a list of your documents including the W-2 for the prior year.

Q: What do I do if I missed a time punch?
A: Write it in the Missing Punch Log (At G17-located in the black binder by the time clock / At NE-located in the binder above the coffee maker / At 604 Coffee in the binder located in the trailer) as soon as you realize you missed it. You should get an email reminder from Native Edge Landscape at the end of the day telling you that you missed a punch.

Q: What do I do if I have questions about my paycheck?
A: Ask your supervisor. If they can’t answer your question then they will help you get in touch with Payroll.

Q: How do I check my hours clocked?
A: Contact your General Manager and they can show you any hours punched. If there is a discrepancy, they will contact Payroll.

Q: Who do I contact if I need to call in sick or can’t make it to work?
A: You should contact your supervisor. There is an Employee Directory posted at each company. You should take a picture of it with your phone or write down the phone number of your supervisor. If for some reason they are not available, or do not answer, call the main number of the company and leave a voicemail.

Q: How do I change my bank account information for direct deposit?
A: Log into your GoCo Account. Click on the Payment & Tax tab in the left column. Under Payments Methods click the edit button on the righthand side and enter your new information. Click the Save button when you are done.

Q: How do I request additional uniformsA: Speak with your Supervisor.