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Our Standard

Sustainability & Environmental Responsibility

At Native Edge, we actively strive to create environmentally responsible landscapes. When you choose us for your landscaping projects, you can rest assured that our designs focus on sustainability and conservation, making a significant contribution to your local ecosystem.

Our commitment to sustainability encompasses eco-friendly practices that not only benefit the environment but also reduce long-term maintenance costs for you, our valued client.

Expertise & Experience

With fifteen-plus years of enriching experience in the industry, Native Edge has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and a track record of successfully delivering beautiful projects. We’ve encountered and effectively addressed a wide range of challenges in various yards, so you can have complete confidence in the expertise of our seasoned team.

A Unique Design Approach

Native Edge adopts a distinctive approach to landscaping by crafting custom designs that are not only distinctive but also tailored precisely to meet your unique needs and preferences.

Quality Assurance

Our company places a strong emphasis on quality, and our clients can anticipate exceptional materials and workmanship in every project.

The Service You Expect

Native Edge exclusively serves discerning clientele, ensuring that the service and attention you receive align with your high standards.

Awards & Recognition

Our work has earned accolades and recognition, attesting to our high level of industry expertise and excellence.

A Collaborative Process

At Native Edge, we actively involve you in the design process, guaranteeing that your vision finds its realization in the final product.

Transparency & Communication

Throughout the project, Native Edge maintains open and transparent communication, keeping clients informed and engaged.

Customized Solutions

Every project we undertake is tailored to our clients’ unique needs, guaranteeing that the final landscape perfectly complements your property and lifestyle.

Proven Results

Our clients can view examples of past projects and read testimonials from satisfied customers, bolstering your confidence in our ability to deliver.

Dedication to a Sustainable Future

Native Edge isn’t just a landscaping company; it’s a partner in crafting responsible landscapes that contribute to a sustainable future. From thoughtful landscapes today meant to last long into tomorrow as crucial parts of the local ecosystem, to trees planted with every project, we understand the importance of deliberate implementations that will last long into the next generation. Contact us today, and let’s collaborate on something exceptional.

Let your backyard become your closest getaway. This plush artificial turf offers a captured multi-use space for many of the family’s different activities, including bocci ball.
A large pot of gorgeous native lantana adds a pop of color to the backyard gate and plays perfectly off of the Clay Imports breeze blocks.


What is Native Edge Landscape’s history and background?

Grown from seed right here in Austin, TX, Native Edge Landscape was founded in 2008 as a full-service landscaping and design business committed to responsibility — to our environment, our community, and our clients.

Our combined experience lends to unique designs and creative problem solving.

What Makes Native Edge different from other landscaping companies?

In our years of history in the Central Texas area, we’ve experienced extreme weather, drought restrictions, harsh soils, and a variety of other design challenges. We create thoughtful landscape designs fully customized to our clients’ lifestyles, budgets, and unique needs. We take care of every last detail to bring them to life, using only the most sustainable practices and exclusively native plants. And we provide ongoing maintenance to keep them thriving.

Our goal is to make an impact on our clients’ landscapes and lives, not on the environment. With our creativity and lifelong passion for landscapes, the work we do is unique: beautiful, transformative, and grounded by years of local landscaping experience.

What services does Native Edge offer?

At Native Edge, we are here for you at every step of the process. Design, installation, establishment; we do it all. Find out more about the process here.

How does Native Edge ensure the quality of its work?

We guarantee plant material through our 90-Day Establishment Program, and ensure that our installation work is exemplary. What you’ll often hear us say is that “The sooner we know, the sooner we can help!”

What is the company’s approach to sustainable and environmentally responsible landscape design?

As the cornerstone of our designs and implementation, sustainability and environmental responsibility are in mind every step of the way. We create thoughtful designs using native and adaptive plants that attract local pollinators and support a healthy local ecosystem, locally sourced and thoughtfully selected hardscape materials whenever possible, responsible irrigation plans and practices, and energy efficient LED exterior lighting. We also incorporate at least one tree into our designs so our commitment lasts long into the future.

What areas does Native Edge serve?

Native Edge is proud to serve all of Austin and surrounding greater metro areas. Unsure if we service your area? Reach out to us today! We’d love to discuss your project.

Do you offer free consultations or estimates?

Yes, Native Edge offers a complimentary one hour visit to your home or other landscape site within the city limits. Learn more about the process details here.

How can I get in touch with Native Edge for inquiries or to schedule services?

Native Edge is available for calls during normal office hours, or fill out our contact form anytime, 24/7! Visit our contact page here.

Is Native Edge available for commercial landscaping projects?

Native Edge is inspired by all sorts of projects, large and small. We love working on commercial projects as well as residential.

What awards and recognition has Native Edge Landscape received for its work?

Native Edge has been both featured and awarded on Houzz multiple times. We’ve also been featured on Queer Eye, in HGTV, and Austin Home, and have had projects in the Austin Outdoor Tour. In addition to many Houzz awards, we’ve also received several Texas Excellence in Landscaping Awards, and are members of the Texas Nursery & Landscape Association. We’ve been a consistent nominee in the Austin Chronicle Best of Austin Awards. We would love for your home to be our next feature.