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Brentwood Bermuda Invasion

by Rodney Stoutenger / October 28, 2013

This project is a perfect example of how a few simple changes can produce a powerful impact! Tired of constantly fighting the Bermuda grass creeping into his garden beds, this customer was ready to make some changes! And in the process, reduce the time and waste of watering!With this in mind, we selected native and drought tolerant plant material to utilize in the updating of his existing garden bed lines. With a balanced mixture of taller upright plants for  architectural accents, and a colorful mixture of ground covers for year round color, this garden went from drab to fab with a few easy steps!Now this property has an updated look, with a simple maintenance plan!Read More »Brentwood Bermuda Invasion


by Rodney Stoutenger / August 28, 2013

This Property started with some great American Agaves and Soft Leaf Yuccas. But a new addition to the family created a need for a new, softer, plant selection. Continuing the use of water wise plant selections, we added Dwarf Palmettos, Red Yuccas and a beautiful Octopus Agave. In the shaded areas, we planted Variegated Ginger to add a dash of bright color. This landscape is not only beautiful, but safe to for anyone to play in. Read More »Allandale

Private Courtyard

by Rodney Stoutenger / January 23, 2013

This client needed to update and create structure to an original architectural design element of their 1970’s home. The walls were already defining the work space, we just needed to add a bit of pizzaz to make this space work. To borrow one of our favorite quotes...“Small spaces need big thinking!” This amazing entry courtyard was over grown and crowded. With a few simple trimmings, great new plant pallet, and helping define the space with a Decomposed Granite walkway... we were able to go from a dark, dingy entry way to an entry courtyard worth spending time to welcome family and friends!   Read More »Private Courtyard

A Complete Transformation – North West Hills, Austin, Tx

by Rodney Stoutenger / June 16, 2012

  The idea of removing a large part of hassle-filled St. Augustine turf to create a beautiful xeriscape garden is our personal favorite! This great couple was having a lot of difficultly struggling with the St. Augustine turf year after year - when they called and leaned more about xeriscaping; they knew this was exactly what they needed! This section of their lawn got plenty of sun - too much for the St. Aug - But the right amount for some beautiful low-maintenance perennials! The plant selection here is simple, colorful, and we were even able to merge some great plant material for the Austin wildlife! Read More »A Complete Transformation – North West Hills, Austin, Tx

East Side Bungalow – Austin, Tx

by Rodney Stoutenger / June 9, 2012

      Given our location of the 'up and coming, hip and urban' area off of Cesar Chavez; this landscape needed to be easy to maintain, as we as durable.  Having a lot of hardscape surfaces existing in the backyard already; our job was to make the front of this property soft and inviting for friends & family, and easy to enjoy & relax for this young couple with a work schedule that demands a lot of travel. With the plans of creating multiple conversation areas throughout the landscape, we brought in a multitude of surface changes to help define each area. We will ultimately create a turf area large enough for those weekend BBQ's with space for dogs and kids to roam; a small deck for those intimate evening conversations with close friends over a glass of wine; as well as a fun water feature that will keep this couple cool in the hot summer days!

Read More »East Side Bungalow – Austin, Tx

Front Yard Reboot – South Austin, Tx

by Rodney Stoutenger / June 2, 2012

  With 3 kids, and a dog - this yard needed to go from needing constant up keep to simple, fun, and low maintenance! With having a park near by that the kids love to run to, we needed to create easy access through the landscape - we did this by reusing a lot of existing material on site, and some old brick that was used as the original garden edging. We brought in fresh local materials to create new garden borders, and an over all design for a fresh landscape that could growing with this active family! We chose a plant palate that would bring in plenty of butterflies, and attract hummingbirds for these young kids who really took an interest in the gardening world as we walked the family through the landscape process!

Read More »Front Yard Reboot – South Austin, Tx

Kremko Automotive

by Rodney Stoutenger / June 1, 2012

  This entryway was in need of some sprucing up! We wanted to introduce a simple, native and wildlife friendly landscape that could greet the guests upon entering the shop. Our simple plant pallet allowed us to add in small pops of color throughout the year. We used red as a theme color to match the shops logo colors, and mixed in a few whites to help make a pop! After we were completed, they could not get enough good feedback! The entry started as a dingy walkway, and turned into an inviting place to sit outside while waiting on your car repair!

Read More »Kremko Automotive

Central Austin

by Rodney Stoutenger / February 12, 2012

This space was completely transformed! This landscape went from "over grown home builders special" to a landscape that builds imagination! The great young couple here wanted to bring their yard to life, with minimal maintenance. With a young one just born Spring of 2011, to a fun energetic four-legged friend; their time to maintain their landscape was minimal. These guys wanted to be able to produce veggies, without having a largely dedicated veggie bed. We were able to incorporate low maintenance perennials, that would welcome guests; as well as a veggie planting space with enough room for a healthy harvest. All without taking away from the quant yard space for the young ones to run.

Read More »Central Austin

Circle C Ranch

by Rodney Stoutenger / February 12, 2012

What an AMAZING client! This customer wanted to completely transform their curb appeal as well as create a space for family gatherings and entertaining. We took this neighborhood's model home and completely redesigned the garden bed shapes, plant choices and garden materials. We accented the beautiful architecture with some upright Will Flemming Yaupons by the entry; and anchored the front yard beds with a beautiful fountain and retention pond. The covered patio in the back yard was also extended by adding an additional outdoor living space with 16" x 16" pervious blocks spaced with turf in-between. This bland backyard started with straight, boring and un-functional lines, to becoming a destination with flow and functionality for family and friends to gather. The back yard is also accentuated with fun and whimsical garden art.

Read More »Circle C Ranch