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Barton Hills

Barton Hills Contemporary Curb Appeal

by Rodney Stoutenger / October 3, 2018

After this home was completely rebuilt in the established Barton Hills neighborhood, the landscape needed a reboot to match the new modern/contemporary house.  To update the style, we replaced the cracked solid driveway with concrete ribbons and gravel that lines up with the garage. We built a retaining to hold back the sloped, problematic front yard. This leveled out a buffer space of plantings near the curb helping to create a welcoming accent for guests. We also introduced a comfortable pathway to transition through the yard into the new courtyard space, balancing out the scale of the house with the landscape.

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Barton Hills Modern Xeriscape

by Rodney Stoutenger / February 11, 2016


After purchasing their home, this wonderful couple wanted to make their mark! They wanted to improve the overall friendliness to their home, and that starts with the landscape! Being situated on a large lot, they felt responsible to create a practical landscape that encompassed a drought tolerant plant palette, and sustainable practices.
We were able to focus the energy to the entry of the home, welcoming guests with a comfortable courtyard that was open, yet exclusive. We used a natural limestone, to fit the neighborhood, and a small section of poured concrete to create seating wall with built in fountain to cool down those hot summer nights! We softened this hardscape with a plant palette that will add seasonal interest with the use of natives, and combined these with sticking Agave for some additional architectural detail.
This was complimented with a poured concrete walkway in both the front entryway and backyard to extend the amount of outdoor living.
We were able to capture their modern tastes, and blend this seamlessly with the Austin eclectic lifestyle!

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