Feb 24

Hello Everyone! We are so excited to share that Native Edge Landscape won Best of Houzz 2020 for Design!

Thank you to all our customers for inviting us into your homes and letting us share in your story. You are all so unique and our designers love working with each of you to create a space that expresses who you are and matches your expanding lifestyles. We continue to look forward to new design adventures and hanging out in your new yards!

We could not have done this without you!

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Feb 3

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Designing a landscape is more than just being outside, it’s creating a view and a feeling that carries into your house. As the season brings us warmer weather, invite us to come join you and create a space that can transform your home for years to come.

Are you ready to extend your home? Contact us to begin creating a new room that brings the inside – out!

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Feb 3

I truly love the art of gift giving, whether it’s a celebration, a random day of the week, a passing thought turned into a trinket – or an even a bashful apology wrapped in satin ribbon. Gifts spread joy. When it comes to floral surprises (because let’s be honest – even when customary, flowers are always a surprise) here are a couple of my favorite tips:

Inspire Playfulness:

Table arrangements are perfect for a family home, a filled vase can spark curiosity, imagination and creativity. The perfect antidote to a chilly winter, a floral arrangement can spread seasonal cheer. Allow yourself creative freedom, loose expressive designs are just as fun as organized ones. To your left, we have soft cream-colored hydrangeas, which mean “perseverance, understanding, and interconnectedness”, a wonderful theme for a martini-mixer we were invited to garnish with plant decor. Remind others of joy with festive exuberance!

Meaningful Color:

Include a ‘Meaning Card’. Not everyone speaks the language of flowers, and certainly no one knows them all. Here for example, to your right we see Anthuriums –  which mean “hardworking, hospitality, ‘think of me’, and welcome”.  A wonderful display for our event with Equality Texas.  A quick note about what the flower is, and the meaning you’ve placed behind it for that particular occasion, turns a temporary gift into an immediate, intimate experience. You thought of them, show them how. 

In celebration of love, friendship and Valentine’s Day,  what does a bouquet mean to you?

References: Potter, Anna. The Flower Fix. (White Lion 2019); Darcey, Cheralyn. Flowerpaedia. (Rockpool 2017)

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Dec 2

These modest homeowners were looking for drainage solutions, low maintenance plantings, and an entertainment space they could enjoy outside. Mowing the grass had been a pain in the past, so with this design we decided to remove it entirely. Instead, more native grasses were utilized to take in water and reduce erosion. A new fence modernized and updated the space and allowed the interior of the backyard to be leveled providing more opportunities for design elements like a floating bench and custom built fire pit.

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Oct 4

With rapid development continuing to take effect in Austin, it’s not often we get to work with a gem like this four-unit complex built in the 1930’s. That’s back when the Mueller Airport just opened their doors, Austin mainly composed of downtown, East Austin, and the UT campus, and Hyde Park was considered the suburbs.

For our client it was important to create a garden that included areas for gathering and entertaining in a style that harmonized with the existing architecture. He not only wanted to create a cohesive scheme for the entire complex, but create a space for him and his residents to enjoy, as he also lived on the property.

The design took on a Mediterranean feel with xeric plantings like rosemary and olive, decomposed granite, and numerous terra cotta pots. A new outdoor kitchen with deck and storage solutions, as well as a water feature that tied in with the existing rock work, helped create that tuscan-feel with added style and warmth. We finished it off with a compact zoysia lawn, so passersby can sit and relax under a lacebark elm.

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Aug 9

Are we in #texas or is this Tuscany? Jill’s latest project is taking on a mediterranean feel @jillatnativeedge! As always, @sketchup_official was there to help visualize the finished look. ⁣
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Aug 8

The structure is starting to take on more of a shape now! We’ve got just about another week before we’re finished. Be sure to stay tuned for more!⁣
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⁣ via Instagram https://ift.tt/2YQ3Fqv
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Aug 2

#happyfridayeveryone We’ve been hard at work on this multi-unit complex all week. Can you guess what this will eventually become? ⁣
⁣⁣#landscapeDesign #landscapedesigns #landscapedesigner #landscapedesigners #landscaping #landscapearchitecture #outdoordesign #outdoorliving #landscapeConstruction #Austin #austindesign #AustinTX #AustinTexas #austinlife #ATXlife⁣ via Instagram https://ift.tt/2OySxud
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Aug 1

Look what we found on the job site today! Oxbeetles are the largest and most common beetle species found in the US. They are very active in the summer and like to dig holes in sandy soil to hide in during the day, so be on the lookout! ⁣
⁣#creepycrawlies #bugs #bugsofinstagram #beneficialinsects #landscape #lifeofalandscaper #Austin #atxlife #atx #landscapeDesign #landscapeConstruction #AustinTX #AustinTexas #austinlife via Instagram https://ift.tt/2GD9dKD
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Jul 26
Rodney Stoutenger

Happy Friday everyone!

By Rodney Stoutenger | Leave a comment

Happy Friday everyone! For her latest design, our designer @jillatnativeedge had to think full picture. Due to the location of this customer’s home on a corner lot most of their yard space is accessible from the street. Plantings and new #riverrock help enclose the space, add privacy, and reduce noise pollution so the homeowner’s can enjoy a peaceful retreat. ⁣
⁣#landscapeDesign #landscapedesigns #landscapedesigner #landscapedesigners #landscaping #landscapearchitecture #outdoordesign #outdoorliving #contemporary #waterfeature ⁣
⁣#Austin #austindesign #AustinTX #AustinTexas #austinstyle ⁣
⁣#ATXlife via Instagram https://ift.tt/2LHOxph
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