Oct 2

Before the 1980’s not much was known about the virus we refer to as human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), or the terminal illness it would develop into, acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). Today, however, kids learn about HIV/AIDS as early as elementary school, and thanks to advances in medicine it has since been downgraded from a “terminal illness” to a “manageable chronic disease.” Unfortunately, the symptoms of HIV/AIDS can actually make it difficult for people to receive the treatment they need. Mainly, increasing difficulty in finding and keeping a job. Without a steady income people can struggle to pay for housing, food, clothes, and toiletries. Under those conditions, even people with health insurance can have trouble keeping to a medication schedule! That’s where Project Transitions steps in. Project Transitions is a non-profit organization located in Austin, Texas whose main mission is to support people living with HIV/AIDS by providing them with, “supportive living, housing, recuperative and hospice care.” This not only means they provide affordable transitional housing, but they also provide services that help them apply for permeant housing and get them closer to living an independent life.

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Oct 2

Our friends at The Native Plant Society of Texas created a helpful list of all the native fall plant sales coming up on their website. Just click the image above to check it out!

And that means: plant, plant, plant!

Contrary to popular belief, in Texas, fall might be an even better time to plant perennials, trees, and shrubs than spring is. That’s because our mild winter allows roots to grow and become established, so that when spring does come the plants can take full advantage.

Be sure to do your research beforehand, of course, as every plant has its own requirements and some may even like to be planted when winter starts. You can always talk to the people at your local nursery, check out this great website below, or contact us instead!


During this season, you can also plant cool-season grasses, spring-blooming bulbs, and cool-season vegetables with success.


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Jul 14
Hayley Tiefenthaler

Good to the Last Drop

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Native Edge Landscape is committed to being environmentally responsible by only using the most sustainable practices. Rain gardens are one of the best examples I have seen of this in my time here at Native Edge. The juxtaposition of clay soils and limestone bedrock here in Austin naturally sheds stormwater into the city’s drainage system and aquifers. A rain garden is a depression that consists of a variety of layered soils and gravel designed to collect stormwater runoff, allowing it to be quickly absorbed into the soil. This unique feature is used to solve a variety of problems created by common construction techniques, such as standing water and erosion.

Lead Designer Rodney Stoutenger was able to solve one such issue with the incorporation of a rain garden into the space. “The HOA wouldn’t allow gutters at this property, which lead to the erosion of the lawn beneath the front porch,” said Rodney. “We were able to install a rain garden to collect the water and add a nice feature to the home.”

As you can see, a rain garden is hardly distinguishable from a traditional garden bed. Native Edge works hard to seamlessly blend this feature into your landscape. Our commitment to using exclusively native plants perfectly aligns with the functionality of rain gardens, which require plants that can handle weather extremes. Their fibrous root systems help filter chemicals such as pesticides out of local groundwater.

Rain gardens, while highly beneficial, are not applicable to every yard. “It is not necessary unless you already have areas of pooling or erosion,” noted Rodney. “We determine who could benefit from a rain garden on a site to site basis.”

In one such example, Designer Jill Zimmerman was faced with the task of managing pooling water in a customer’s yard. “The builder constructed the sidewalk in such a way that they were required to walk through a puddle any time they went to and from their detached garage.”

“Rather than moving the water, which would have created problems for their neighbors, I designed a bridge over a rain garden to transform the issue into a nice feature of their yard,” said Jill.

Our Designers work hard to meld landscape aesthetics and environmental sustainability. “The many different benefits of a rain garden align what we do here at Native Edge,” Rodney concluded. “You are benefiting not only your immediate space, but also your community and your neighborhood.”

The City of Austin is currently under Conservation Water Restrictions. By adding features such as rain gardens to your yard you may be eligible for rebate. If you think that a rain garden would benefit your space, please contact us to set up a Consultation!


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May 23

Just doodling away on this gloomy Austin day! Another great design almost ready for presentation - this site is on Lake Austin and will be sure to create an amazing wildlife retreat!

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Just doodling away on this gloomy Austin day! Another great design almost ready for presentation – this site is on Lake Austin and will be sure to create an amazing wildlife retreat! #wildlife #native #austin #lakeaustin #lake #landscapedesign #landscapearchitecture #landscape #garden #atx #nativeedge #nativeedgelandscape

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May 17
May 12

Hope everyone enjoyed this week! The guys had a lot of fun with this one! More progress pics coming soon!

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Hope everyone enjoyed this week! The guys had a lot of fun with this one! More progress pics coming soon! #outdoorkitchen #firepit #limestone #masonary #landscapedesign #landscapeconstruction #landscapearchitecture #atx #atxlife #nativeedge #nativeedgelandscape

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May 1

This time of year, every drop of water is important! With summer quickly approaching, it is a good idea to test your irrigation system for any leaks, wear and tear, over-spraying, or lack of coverage. You can easily do a quick test of your own irrigation to be sure there is no water being wasted, and that your system is not causing run-off.

To perform your own test, run through each zone for at least 2-4 minutes and keep a look out for pooling water, over-spraying onto concrete areas, and breaks or leaks throughout the system. Since the water is high pressure, you can typically see an area of erosion or a hole in soils, mulches or top dresses where water may be leaking.

Another great way to prevent wasted water in the landscape is by keeping all parts and pieces of your irrigation system, including nozzles, up to date! We learn more every day, and more efficient systems are now available on the market. If your system is 8+ years old, it is a great idea to have this thoroughly checked out by a professional.

During our Maintenance Programs, these are areas of concern that we commonly check and repair as quickly as possible. However, you can also schedule a one-time service visit with Native Edge to have your system checked with a quick run through!

The City of Austin also offers wonderful service checks and rebates to keep your irrigation up to date.

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May 1

For the fifth year in a row, Native Edge Landscape will be sponsoring the Violet Crown Festival! The festival will take place on May 6th from 10am to 5pm in Brentwood Park. We will be creating and decorating a temporary garden to corral Domino the Pig. The plants will be donated to Brentwood Elementary School after the event.

Native Edge got its start in Crestview, and we have many loyal customers in the neighborhood. We believe in giving back, and invite you to join us at this year’s Violet Crown Festival to support local businesses, artists, musicians, and community members. Be sure to snap a selfie with Domino, the neighborhood mascot!

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Apr 25

Happy Tuesday! These beautiful Cape Rush are awaiting install! Before and after photos coming soon!

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Happy Tuesday! These beautiful Cape Rush are awaiting install! Before and after photos coming soon! #caperush #atx #beforeandafter #landscape #plantnerd #nativeedgelandscape #nativeedge #landscapedesign #landscapeconstruction

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Apr 17
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