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Erin Spencer


A born and raised Austinite, Erin grew up surrounded by Texas native plants. This love of nature took her to Colorado where she got her bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Colorado, Boulder in 2015. Now, with an awakened interest in landscape design, she’s found her way back to Austin and to Native Edge’s door. After working as our customer concierge for close to 2 years, she has recently been promoted to Jr. Designer. Her local area knowledge, as well as her customer service and writing experience all make her a valuable new addition to the team. If you can’t find her volunteering at Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center you may find her outside collecting bugs for her pet mantis, “Chimichurri”.

Jester’s Crown

by Erin Spencer / July 16, 2023

PLANT LIST Magnolia Tree Texas Mountain Laurel Celeste Fig Tree Esperanza Turk’s Cap Coral Berry Plumbago Trailing Rosemary Texas Sage Golden Showers Thryallis Upright Rosemary Variegated Ginger Trailing Lantana Texas Sotol Gulf Muhly Bamboo Muhly Russian Sage Bicolor Iris Inland Seaoats Blue Drama Blonde Ambition Texas Betony Dwarf Loropetalum Cherry Sage Heartleaf Skullcap Catmint Blackfoot… Read More »Jester’s Crown

Steel & Cedar: A Stunning Pergola Takes Center Stage

by Erin Spencer / July 15, 2023

Finished back patio with two Trex decks and large steel and cedar pergola. Furniture and styling is midcentury modern.

At Native Edge Landscape, we believe that outdoor spaces are canvases for artistic expression and harmonious design. In one of our recent projects, we had the opportunity to create a breathtaking pergola that seamlessly blended with the surrounding environment while showcasing the unique artful taste of our clients. Join us as we explore the captivating… Read More »Steel & Cedar: A Stunning Pergola Takes Center Stage

Cherrywood Charmer

by Erin Spencer / May 5, 2023

The home owners of the Cherrywood Charmer were seeking an aesthetically pleasing, environmentally sensitive landscape that would complement the existing large custom deck, which is used both as a peaceful refuge and for some entertaining. This project involved a full-property landscape renovation as the landscaping around the home had been largely untouched for twenty years.… Read More »Cherrywood Charmer

Brentwood Beauty

by Erin Spencer / August 6, 2022

These homeowners came to us with a solid foundation to go on, but wanted the space to be more practical for their lifestyle while still being a little eclectic. They had just completed a recent landscape job with a previous firm, but wanted to add some important finishing touches to fully encompass what they had… Read More »Brentwood Beauty

South Austin Suburban Sanctuary

by Erin Spencer / January 6, 2022

These homeowners came to us with the desire to turn their basic grass lawn into a fun hangout space. In the new design, they wanted a large patio, a gathering place for a fire pit, native plantings, outdoor lighting, and a grassy area to accommodate yard games and the family dog all while addressing some… Read More »South Austin Suburban Sanctuary

Georgetown Wildflower Wonderland

by Erin Spencer / June 1, 2021

Located in downtown Georgetown, this family transformed their front yard into a wildflower wonderland! They envisioned a welcoming entrance with seating and native landscaping to host both guests and pollinators on their property. They wanted to ditch their grass yard in favor of colorful native plants that would create a charming scene for friends and… Read More »Georgetown Wildflower Wonderland

Why Do Plants Prefer Rainwater?

by Erin Spencer / May 3, 2019

The reasons in which plants benefit from rainwater are vast and at times complicated, to the point where one could write a dissertation on the subject. Seemingly, the basics are simple, but if you are the curious type this article may leave you with more questions than answers.   Hopefully, not too many questions.  Nonetheless,… Read More »Why Do Plants Prefer Rainwater?

Sticky Weed Worry

by Erin Spencer / March 4, 2019

Sticky weed, sticky willy, bedstraw, or velcro plant as it’s otherwise lovingly referred to is actually called Galium aparine. “Galium comes from the Greek word ‘gala’ or milk referring to some species of Galium ability to curdle milk” and aparine, also derived from Greek, means “to seize” or “cling”. (1) Both qualities make sticky weed a surprisingly useful and menacing plant. Sticky weed is native to vast… Read More »Sticky Weed Worry

Our top 5 Texas Conifers

by Erin Spencer / December 3, 2018

If you’ve ever traveled up North you may have noticed a significant difference in the style of trees you typically find there compared to down here in the lone star state. Conifers are very popular in colder and higher elevations due to their resiliency to those extreme conditions.However, not all conifer species have adapted to… Read More »Our top 5 Texas Conifers

Time Is Money

by Erin Spencer / November 1, 2018

Plants are living things, and just as we grow throughout our lives, so do they. Aside from the rewarding experience of watching your yard begin to flourish, planting immature plants is a cheaper and more effective way to acclimate your plants to their surroundings. However, this should come with the understanding that your landscape may look more barren than you were hoping for during the initial stages, and… Read More »Time Is Money