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Erin Crespo

The Native Allure

by Erin Crespo / October 6, 2020

A well-planned landscape can foster community not only for ourselves, but for our landscape as well. Natives. Most often looked to for their durability and natural stamina in our climate, but a delicious benefit that can be overlooked is the relationships they nurture with wildlife. Curating a palette of native plants can invite some of… Read More »The Native Allure

Night View: Bringing Light into your Landscape

by Erin Crespo / September 3, 2020

See your landscape at any time with the addition of landscape lighting Lighting can quickly create a sense of drama in your design. Good landscape lighting can highlight the existing design and show off plant features from new angles. Quantity, spacing and placement of your light fixtures have an effect on the mood and function… Read More »Night View: Bringing Light into your Landscape

Fall Glow: Warm Colors in the Garden

by Erin Crespo / September 3, 2020

Making space for flowers that bloom at different times of year can enhance the passing of time. Color is emotional. Whether it’s sprinkled around an open space or encouraged into a full color explosion, color has an impact on our mood and influences our perception of a space. When thinking about your landscape, consider the… Read More »Fall Glow: Warm Colors in the Garden

The Importance of a Seating Area

by Erin Crespo / August 4, 2020

Having a place to sit is a pivotal part of creating an outdoor living space. It is an unspoken invitation that it’s okay to relax where you are, to be there, to stay.  Imagine having a living room with no seats or a kitchen table with no chairs. You would have questions right? Do I sit…on… Read More »The Importance of a Seating Area

Let it Pour: Harvesting Rainwater

by Erin Crespo / August 4, 2020

harvesting rainwater is great for your landscape, your environment, and your wallet I’m sure plenty of us can remember the traffic detours, rerouted trail runs, shuffled outdoor show plans, or the last time our smart phones all went off in harmonious unison because…flooding. Mother Nature literally gave us a raincheck. So let’s work that natural cycle to… Read More »Let it Pour: Harvesting Rainwater

Stand Tall: Art within the Xeriscape

by Erin Crespo / July 7, 2020

This month, I sat down with one of our award-winning designers Jill Zimmerman, and asked what she feels when designing a xeriscape. “It’s an opportunity to show the art of plantings. Using them in clusters, the plants stand out more. Similar to what you see in the wild, with meadow-like areas punctuated by larger upright plants… Read More »Stand Tall: Art within the Xeriscape

Personal Space: Planting for Privacy

by Erin Crespo / July 7, 2020

Personal Space. There are few things more precious than having a private space to relax, stretch out in, breathe in, and just be yourself.  I caught up with two of our designers, Erin Spencer and Jill Zimmerman to display some Native Edge favorites for creating a green retreat that suit your space, are responsible for… Read More »Personal Space: Planting for Privacy

Container Plants in Your Landscape

by Erin Crespo / June 2, 2020

Container gardening adds versatility to large gardens and is an ideal choice to add character to smaller spaces. Container plantings lend instant color, provide visual interest, and can even bring the architecture of the house into the garden. Container gardening can be enjoyed for one season, or designed to last for years. A nice feature… Read More »Container Plants in Your Landscape

The Living Room is Outside

by Erin Crespo / June 2, 2020

Similar to finishing an attic or remodeling a basement, building an outdoor room in your landscape makes the best of space you already have. Think about your home and all the places inside. Each room serves multiple functions and can be arranged to suit the occasion. The same principle extends into your landscape. The back… Read More »The Living Room is Outside

From the Ground Up: How Pathways Move

by Erin Crespo / May 5, 2020

The path is one of the oldest forms of design, an escort for the new, a guide for the lost, a practical direction in and out of a space. It’s an instruction manual with no words. Go this way. That is the influence of spatial design. My favorite aspect of design is that everything, every little… Read More »From the Ground Up: How Pathways Move