Artificial Turf

Sometimes the conditions or requirements of a space simply will not support a natural “lawn.” Shady areas under dense trees stay patchy, pet areas constantly struggle with yellowing and dead spots, and high traffic areas like playgrounds quickly kill any natural turf. To provide a solution to that, Native Edge offers a range of Artifical Turf installation and services.

With dense, soft, and multi colored “blades” this is not your grandmother’s astro-turf. Our selection of artificial turf looks natural, and is still comfortable and soft enough to lay out in the “grass” on a nice spring day.

  • 15 Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • Drought Proof
  • No Need to Mow
  • Anti Microbial Material and “In-Fill”

Our Lines

Kid Play

  • Durable enough to withstand the roughest of play
  • Additional padding can be added underneath for high impact zones like swings
  • Enough give to prevent “Turf Burn”

Pet Turf

  • Optimized for drainage to keep pet waste from pooling
  • Short Blades keep solid wastes on the surface
  • Designed to withstand digging and pet play

Olive Elite

  • Longer blades for a lush natural look
  • Darker color pallet

Spring Elite

  • Longer blades for a lush natural look
  • Brighter color pallet

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