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Who We Are

Native Edge Landscape, is not your typical landscape design firm. Founded in 2008 and grown from seed right here in Austin, Native Edge is a full-service landscaping business committed to responsibility—to our environment, our community, and our clients.

We create thoughtful landscape designs fully customized to our clients’ lifestyles and budgets. We take care of every last detail to bring them to life, using only the most sustainable practices and exclusively native plants. And we provide ongoing maintenance to keep them thriving.

Our goal is to make an impact on our clients’ landscapes and lives, not on the environment. With our creativity and lifelong passion for landscapes, the work we do is unique: beautiful, transformative, and grounded by years of local landscaping experience.

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Dillon Tuttle, PLA#3726

Landscape Architect

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Erin Spencer


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Dalton Phillips


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Erin Crespo

Jr. Designer

While studying to be a landscape architect at Texas Tech, Dillon was first introduced to Native Edge Landscape as a summer intern back in 2014! Three years later, with a bachelor’s degree in hand, Dillon returned to Native Edge to work with some of the same people who helped inspire him along the way.

His combination of hardscape and softscape knowledge means he’s ready to tackle any project, and he knows that whatever he comes up with our team can get it done. His commitment to native plants can trace back all the way to his study abroad trip to Brazil, where he saw the designs of the famous modernist landscape architect, Roberto Burle Marx, close up. Burle Marx was one of the first landscape architects to champion native plants in their designs, and Dillon hopes to continue to champion them with Native Edge for many years to come.

A born and raised Austinite, Erin grew up surrounded by Texas native plants. This love of nature took her to Colorado where she got her bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Colorado, Boulder in 2015. Now, with an awakened interest in landscape design, she’s found her way back to Austin and to Native Edge’s door. After working as our customer concierge for close to 2 years, she has recently been promoted to Jr. Designer. Her local area knowledge, as well as her customer service and writing experience all make her a valuable new addition to the team. If you can’t find her volunteering at Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center you may find her outside collecting bugs for her pet mantis, “Chimichurri”.

Dalton Phillips came to native edge from barton springs nursery as a user experience consultant. He grew up in new mexico before moving to Austin. A couple of his hobbies include taking care of his 40+ plants and maintaining his terrariums

Born to a military family, Crespo has always had a passion for nature and exploring different cultures. Plants and agriculture served as bridge and as her personal education and relaxation practice. The more she travelled, the more she noticed how the intersection of plants and architecture heavily influenced the emotion of a city, space, or nation; and how these two disciplines are inseparably linked. She wholeheartedly believes the impact of a landscape can create or cross cultural boundaries by steering the mental perception of a setting; and compassion extends into every element of design. This belief is what drew her to Native Edge Landscape – the responsibility and sustainability. To create beauty and living spaces that elevate the quality of life for the customer, local flora, fauna, and the environment at large.

Coming to Native Edge Landscape from the arts and technology sector, Crespo uses her experience with demographics, strategy and logistics, along with her personal background with plants and visual composition to blend listening and thoughtful organization to be of the best use to the Native Edge Landscape Team and the design department. When she’s not at work, you can find Crespo paddle boarding, running around in sandals or hanging out with her bullmastiff Shappa.

Support Staff:

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Kyle Stoutenger

General Manager

Before Kyle worked at Native Edge he was a receiving manager at a local nursery, where he gained a vast knowledge of native plants and materials. This knowledge and experience was brought to every install he oversaw as our installation foreman. For over five years Kyle has honed his skills and shared them with the rest of the team. Now he is taking those skills and using them to benefit the company as our general manager. His unique way of keeping the job fun and the customers involved makes him a perfect match for Native Edge Landscape!

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Victoria Valdez


A ‘hands-on’ learner, Victoria fell into bookkeeping while working at a local restaurant back in 2013. Her experience there gave her the confidence to change career paths and drop a degree in radiology to pursue bookkeeping full-time. Her previous job working the books at a garage door installation company means she’s well versed to take on the multitude of projects here at Native Edge. Growing up in Huffman, Texas, Victoria traveled all around the Lone Star State eventually landing in Austin due to her love of the outdoors: where she enjoys hiking, kayaking, and taking long walks with her dog Tank.

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Adam Hamilton


Adam was born in Indiana. Moved to Texas from Clearwater Florida when he was 5 years old. Before coming to Native Edge he was working at a Podiatrist office. His hobbies include creative writing, gaming, and reading.


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David Flint

Installation Foreman

David Flint grew up in the woodlands (Houston). Lived in Seattle for about 10 years before returning to Texas. Prior to coming to native edge he was working on golf courses. His hobbies include most outdoor activities, hunting, fishing, and skiing.

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Justin Fleck

Maintenance Account Manager

Justin Fleck was born and raised in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania until he moved to Austin TX. Before coming to the Native Edge Family Justin was working at Bangers Sausage House. A few of Justins hobbies include biking, Sports, and outdoorsy activities.

Crew Leaders:

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Devon Anderson

Install Crew Leader

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Michael Davis

Install Crew Leader

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Michael Herrera

Install Crew Leader

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Ralph Riojas Jr.

Maintenance Crew Leader

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Robert Rodriguez

Maintenance Crew Leader

The Rest of the Gang:

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Maintenance Crew

Rodney Stoutenger

President & Founder

Rodney has been designing and creating landscapes since before he had a driver’s license—which helps to explain why landscape is more than just a profession to him. It’s a lifelong passion.

Rodney grew up on 50 acres in upstate New York and spent his childhood exploring the natural landscape, learning about native plants, and developing an innate sense of environmental responsibility and sustainability. But it wasn’t until he took his first “job” at age 14, designing and building a new patio for his parents, that he knew he’d found his career.

He moved to Austin in the late ’90s, where years of independent landscape work led to a job managing a local retail garden center in South Austin. There, Rodney worked with professional landscape clients and their service providers on a daily basis—and he began to notice the same pitfalls, time and time again.

In 2008, Rodney founded Native Edge to provide a new kind of landscape experience. By offering design, installation, and maintenance as a fully integrated service, he could eliminate the communication gaps and competing priorities he’d observed in countless landscape projects with multiple, disconnected service providers.

Today, Rodney brings his infectious enthusiasm and creativity, along with over a decade of hands-on experience and a deep well of industry knowledge, to every Native Edge landscape. A self-professed plant nerd, dog lover, and outdoor enthusiast, he loves working with clients to create thoughtful landscapes that enhance their lifestyles—and make Austin’s green spaces even more beautiful and sustainable for the future.

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