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Magnolia Tree
Texas Mountain Laurel
Celeste Fig Tree
Turk's Cap
Coral Berry
Trailing Rosemary
Texas Sage
Golden Showers Thryallis
Upright Rosemary
Variegated Ginger
Trailing Lantana
Texas Sotol
Gulf Muhly
Bamboo Muhly
Russian Sage
Bicolor Iris
Inland Seaoats
Blue Drama Blonde Ambition
Texas Betony
Dwarf Loropetalum
Cherry Sage
Heartleaf Skullcap
Blackfoot Daisy
Canna Lily
Wooly Stemodia
Star Jasmine
Zoysia Sod

Project Info

Designer: Erin Spencer
Project date: July 16, 2023
Price range: $200,000 - $500,000

Pro Gro Soil
Whittlesey Hardwood Mulch
Washed River Gravel 1 1/2”
Blackstar Gravel 3/8”
Brazos Gravel 2-4”
Pancake Boulders
Limestone Boulders
Sawn Cut Limestone Slab Step Stones
Limestone Chopped Block Edging and Stair Steps in the shade Nicotine
4” welded metal plate edging
Tour Putt 40 and Nylon Putt 44 turf
Hog Panel trellis
Steel Plate for retaining wall
Custom metal railing
Sawed limestone for staircase
Geocell parking strip
Siteone landscape lights
Reused onsite boulders
Irrigation System Upgrade
Custom limestone boulder address marker

High atop one of the beautiful hills of Jester Estates, you’ll find our newest extensive project, Jester’s Crown. This magical location consisted of a complete landscape renovation, focusing on a reduction of lawn and the creation of a more functional space.

A Beautiful Meandering Custom Staircase Creates a Stunning Impact

A steeply graded front yard is transformed with a beautiful custom meandering staircase down to the front entry that provides a true sense of arrival as it lulls guests through the landscape, allows for enjoyment of the space, and helps ease runoff flowing toward the house. Planted with beautiful natives and dressed with Texas hardwood mulch, large chunk blackstar gravel, and accented with limestone boulders excavated from the site, this blend of hardscape captivates the eye, adding visual interest all year ’round. A custom, contemporary metal hand railing adds a touch of modernity and a ton of safety, while the stairs themselves visually marry to the stone of the front porch.

Limestone Boulder Accents

Limestone boulders excavated from the site perfectly play off of the limestone chopped block edging and stair steps in the shade nicotine. At night, when accented by the landscape lighting, they display stunning depth and texture. The dark tone of the hardwood much creates beautiful contrast.

Extending the Hours of Enjoyment in Your Yard

Landscape lighting accents the hardscape and landscape of this project while providing safe lighting for maneuvering the stairway at night, and extended enjoyment of the entire property.

Custom Limestone Address Marker

Accenting the home with a custom address marker illuminated by the same landscape lighting and site-excavated limestone boulders carried out toward the rest of the property makes the home quickly recognizable to guests parking at street-level.

Intelligently Mixing Hardscapes

A blend of small blackstar gravel, large, chunky blackstar gravel, and turf come together with a definitive border of metal edge, adding contrast and visual interest in the hardscape. The smaller blackstar gravel area acts as a wonderful overflow parking area, and the size of the gravel allows for effective mulching and spread of these new plantings. Beneath the gravel, honeycomb NDS gravel pavers add stability to the space and discourage gravel shifting and wash-out.

A Custom Trellis and Extended Parking

A cleverly placed hog panel trellis planted with star jasmine will grow in to conceal the utilities at the front of the house. A bed of chunky blackstar gravel with large pavers divides the space between the front porch and the versatile overflow parking area, top-dressed with finer blackstar gravel, coordinating materials but adding textural interest.

A Welcoming Walkway

This unique walkway incorporates a border of sawn cut limestone slab step stones with a filling of blackstar gravel, creating contrast and visual interest, as well as breaking up the mulched space of the front yard grade and the mulched space of the front bed, planted with variegated ginger. Landscape lighting illuminates the stone walls of the house in the evening providing drama and texture.

An Improved Backyard Entry

The beautiful front pathway carries down the side of the house in these gorgeous custom stairs, detracting the eye from the utilities and offering a safer walkway to the backyard gate.

The Perfect Place to Play

Truly a backyard playground for kids of all ages… the sports court, putting green, swimming pool, jacuzzi, fire pit, and outdoor kitchen all look out over the beautiful hills of west Austin.

This beautiful custom boulder staircase leads you down to the sports court and chipping green, and carries through the design of the custom railing from the front yard into the back.

A Beautiful Blending of Boulders

This beautiful custom pancake boulder staircase leads you down to the sports court and chipping green, and carries through the design of the custom hand railing from the front yard into the back. A unique scape of limestone honeycomb boulders borders both sides and ties the design into to the split-level retaining wall.

Mixing Hard & Soft

The contrast of the soft trailing lantana, architectural lines of the retaining wall, and mound of organically shaped limestone boulders creates a ton of visual interest in a small area.

A Unique Graded Retaining Wall Defines the Space

The honeycomb limestone that border the pancake boulder stairs carry over, adding organic texture to this unique, split-level retaining wall while native grasses bridge the gap between natural and architectural.

Hoop Dreams

The pancake boulder staircase and limestone boulder retaining wall are visually carried down in the pathway that runs along side the sports court and the border of the chipping green. Outfitted with two types of artificial turf, the chipping green mimics the rough and the fairway.

Play Through

Taking advantage of the unused space behind the pool, the client was excited to install a five-hole putting green. Using two types of artificial turf to mimic the fairway and the rough, you don’t have to leave home to brush up on your form. The view is truly every linksman’s dream. And with landscape lighting surrounding the green? Tee time can be anytime.

Truly a backyard playground for kids of all ages... the sports court, putting green, swimming pool, jacuzzi, fire pit, and outdoor kitchen all look out over the beautiful hills of west Austin.

Dive In

This pool and jacuzzi overlooking the gorgeous hills of west Austin provides a truly perfect spot to relax and take the plunge.

The outdoor kitchen ties to a dining area and neighbors the fire pit and hot tub. Overlooking the gorgeous hills of west Austin, it’s every pitmaster’s dream.

Al Fresco at Its Finest

The outdoor kitchen ties to a dining area and neighbors the fire pit and hot tub. Overlooking the stunning greenbelt behind the property, it’s the ideal station for any pit master.

A Sweeping Swale Path

We increased safety and improved usage in the deep back yard by carving out a path following the natural swaleway. Incorporating the same honeycomb boulders and blackstar gravel used throughout the property, the home how has a beautiful path leading down to the greenbelt beyond the gate. The area has also been cleared for future wildflower seeding and future utilization of the back acreage.

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Erin Spencer

A born and raised Austinite, Erin grew up surrounded by Texas native plants. This love of nature took her to Colorado where she got her bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Colorado, Boulder in 2015. Now, with an awakened interest in landscape design, she’s found her way back to Austin and to Native Edge’s door. After working as our customer concierge for close to 2 years, she has recently been promoted to Jr. Designer. Her local area knowledge, as well as her customer service and writing experience all make her a valuable new addition to the team. If you can’t find her volunteering at Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center you may find her outside collecting bugs for her pet mantis, “Chimichurri”.