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Decks: Upgrade Your Outdoor Hosting

Our hard-working team built many decks this past summer for homeowners who wished to upgrade their outdoor hosting. There are many benefits to installing a deck, and we wanted to share those with you in this blog! Decks are one of the faster projects to complete in an outdoor space. If you would like a customized deck built, contact us today to discuss your options!

Customizable To Fit Your Needs

Decks are highly customizable and can be built to fit your needs! Custom decks can include items like a pergola for shade, a built in fire pit or seating area, and space for an outdoor kitchen, hot tub, or pool. They can be everything from simple and small to complex and expansive! Their customizable quality also allows us to fit them into your space without disrupting the design. They can be integrated into any design, from the way that it flows with the rest of your landscaping to the materials used to build it. 

Low Maintenance Hosting Upgrade

Sure, lawns can work for hosting barbecues, but noting quite compares to a meal with friends and family on a nice deck. Decks provide a flat, stable surface for cooking, eating, or lounging. They are also a lot less work than lawns, with no watering needed to keep it looking nice! Every 2-3 years, the deck will need to be stained to protect it from the weather and normal wear and tear.

Increases Your Home’s Value

Building a deck is a relatively fast, easy, and cost efficient way to increase the value of your home. Unlike other home additions, decks do not need drywall or a roof to add on that extra square footage of useable space. Because you’re saving by building this cost-effective addition, you will see a greater return on your investment when it comes to the value of the home!

Want an outdoor hosting space but a deck just doesn’t seem like the right fit? A patio may just be the perfect solution! We would love to help you achieve your landscaping goals and work on a design to fit your space. Contact us today to get the process started!

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