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Brentwood Beauty

These homeowners came to us with a solid foundation to go on, but wanted the space to be more practical for their lifestyle while still being a little eclectic. They had just completed a recent landscape job with a previous firm, but wanted to add some important finishing touches to fully encompass what they had been dreaming of for their space. Privacy from their backyard neighbors, new grass with irrigation, and a fenced in area out front for their dog were their top priorities.

Their new steel fence uses metal tubing with hog panel inserts welded on the back to bring a modern touch to the space. These inserts also provide a tactical use by extending all the way to the ground to prevent their dog from digging underneath. The fencing was hand welded and fabricated onsite, making it completely custom to fit their needs. The back pergola was custom designed and built by our crew who stained it the same color as the other woodwork . This allowed it to be seamlessly incorporated into the existing design work. The main goal was to provide extra privacy, as well as a landing place for their large outdoor grill. Large pavers were added in front of their shed to help prevent wear and tear on the new lawn, while new native plantings were added around their fence to accent the new hardscape. They requested a shade sail be placed over a little nook in their backyard where they have since added chairs and a fountain for a relaxing sitting space that overlooks the raised bed gardens. They now have a space that fits their lifestyle while also being aesthetically pleasing!

Project Info

Designer: Erin Spencer
Project date: August 6, 2022
Price range: $50,000 - $75,000

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