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2022 Austin Outdoor Living Tour

We at Native Edge Landscape want to thank you for visiting our property during the 2022 Austin Outdoor Living Tour! We are eager to share our favorite project from this past year with you. Feel free to grab a drink and find some of our team around the property to discuss the features of the space as well as any future landscaping goals you may have yourself!

In this blog we are going to discuss the details about the features that are found on this property, as well as look at how this all came together so beautifully.

About The Property

This mid-century ranch makeover was designed to create an exciting outdoor living space to compliment the homeowners’ in-ground pool and outdoor movie theatre. We wanted the unique style of the home to extend into their outdoor space. Architectural plants paired with the movement of softer flowers and grasses blend into a visually striking and relaxing space for this young family to entertain and enjoy! Texture was a big influence in this landscape with a mix of hardscape and foliage to fuse the space into a modern rustic charm. Windmill palms, cacti, and yuccas were paired with flowering perennials and ornamental grasses to provide seasonal bursts of color and amplify the southwestern ambiance.

Cafe lights and hitching-post towel racks were selected for a cozy and eccentric Austin flare. Artificial Turf was installed to replace the pre-existing pea gravel to soften the landscape and create a more pet-friendly backyard for their dog to play in. An outdoor kitchen with a raised countertop for extra seating was built within access of two doors for hosting and cleaning convenience. With this backyard makeover, the hosting possibilities are endless!

Now let’s take a look at some of the unique features around the property!

Cedar Hitching Posts

The homeowners were looking for a unique feature to hold their towels while they swam in the pool. They came up with the genius idea of using hitching posts to fit the mid-century ranch theme they had going on. The raw cedar logs are a charmingly rustic addition to the space, and we love the opportunity to incorporate regional materials that help create an instantly recognizable sense of place in our projects.

Metal Arbor

A metal arbor was added in over the artificial turf as a solution for a flexible outdoor space designed to host TRX equipment for workouts. When the workout is over and it’s time to relax or set up to entertain, the arbor can host hanging lounge chairs or be left open for an uninterrupted expanse of usable space. The arbor also lends itself to the strand of cafe lights that zig zag above the popular hangout spots within the landscape to compete the atmosphere for evening gatherings. 

Pool Planters and Water Feature

We always look for opportunities to repurpose materials. Not only does it save you money, but you eliminate excess materials going to waste! The course limestone builder block was repurposed from an existing wall around the front porch and given new life in the backyard as a planter. The limestone texture couples well with the smooth metal used throughout the landscape. It provides a dynamic foundation for backdrop plantings, as well as a custom water feature that ties the home, pool, and surrounding landscape together. The wall of planters serves a double purpose by protecting the pool from any stormwater runoff that would otherwise drain towards the pool due to pre-existing drainage conditions. 

Breeze Block Courtyard

The entry walkway and front porch needed a bit of updating to match the backyard. Our goal was to enhance curb appeal, make the space more approachable, and to create an intimate space to sit and enjoy the atmosphere of the neighborhood.  The expanded front porch features repurposed limestone from the original wall, breeze blocks, composite decking, and metal for a mid-century modern update that perfectly compliments the home and backyard landscape.  

Outdoor Kitchen

No backyard entertainment space is complete without a custom outdoor kitchen. The materials for this kitchen were selected to compliment the surrounding pool deck and nearby breeze block accent wall. The appliances and cabinetry were custom powder coated for an extra pop of color that ties in with the seating around the custom fire pit. The location of this kitchen is conveniently situated close enough to the back door for easy prep and clean up, while also being central to the various entertainment spaces within the backyard. This ensures that the person manning the grill is never excluded from the party!

We hope you enjoyed this property as much as we did while designing and building it! Don’t forget to stop by our sister companies Garden Seventeen and 604 Coffee (located at 604 Williams St. 78752) for a special Outdoor Living Tour discount! By showing your ticket to the tour, you can get 10% off your order at both companies for today only (April 23rd, 2022)!


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