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Preparing Your Lawn To Be Barbecue Ready

In this blog, we will be going over important products, as well as how and when to apply them for the healthiest lawn possible! Purchase these products at our sister company Garden Seventeen, or ask about our maintenance packages to get a Native Edge crew to take care of this for you.

Austin has had rain and snow this winter, making the soil soft and weeds green! Now is the time to start taking care of your yard and preparing it for a lush and full growing season, so that it can remain healthy until next winter.

Early February is the time to put down pre-emergent weed preventer. Corn Gluten or Maize Weed Preventer RTS both work extremely well while not disrupting the environment. They encapsulate seeds and prevent them from developing. Corn Gluten contains 9% Nitrogen, which also helps to green up the lawn. It is best to keep up with weed prevention before the lawn becomes overgrown. Mowing weekly, even in winter, helps to keep seed heads from forming. If weeds have already formed, use 20% vinegar to kill them, then Corn Gluten should be spread as listed above. Following these steps will lead to a weedless lawn!

It is also a great time to put down MicroLife Humates Plus. This product is a tremendous soil improver, plant nutritional booster, and is excellent for reducing plant water use during the growing season. You will also find a big reduction in annual weed problems. This is an easy to spread, concentrated compost that can be used everywhere in the lawn, as well as in raised beds. Unlike other conventional composts, this product can be used with a spreader. MicroLife Humates Plus helps to loosen the heavy Texas clay soil while feeding the lawn, helping the roots to grow deeper.

End of February through March is the time to lay down the first round of fertilizer. It is best to use a slow release organic fertilizer such as MicroLife 6-2-4. If brown patch or other fungal issues are a problem in your lawn, use MicroLife Brown Patch 5-1-3 instead. Brown Patch is ideal for St Augustine lawns and even works as a preventative! Organic fertilizers and fungicides like the ones carried at Garden Seventeen do not disrupt the ecosystem or rid the lawn of its beneficial factors, making them better to use than other fast-acting products that contain harmful chemicals. These products will require reapplication around June or July, but the overall health of the lawn while using organic products will increase without other issues popping up down the road.

Let’s talk thatch. Thatch is a loose, organic layer of dead matter that develops between the green vegetation and the soil. Stem nodes, fibers of vascular tissues, crowns, and roots are what make up the majority of thatch. Build up begins when turf produces this debris faster than it can be broken down. Instead of renting a dethatch machine, watering with Medina Soil Activator as well as using the other products listed in this post will help to break down thatch naturally. Using Soil Activator monthly will act as a catalyst to help microbial life which breaks down that pesky layer of debris!

At any time of the year, there are other products that can be added to new and existing lawns for improvement in drainage, greening, and overall lawn health. Products such as Molasses, Liquid Seaweed, Beneficial Nematodes, Lava Sand, GreenSand, and Medina Plus are all beneficial in their own way! These products aren’t necessary for preparing the lawn, but will give it the extra boost it needs to remain green and lush all season long! For more in-depth info, speak with the team over at Garden Seventeen and they will send you home with everything you need for that perfect, barbecue ready lawn!

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