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Night View: Bringing Light into your Landscape

See your landscape at any time with the addition of landscape lighting

Lighting can quickly create a sense of drama in your design. Good landscape lighting can highlight the existing design and show off plant features from new angles. Quantity, spacing and placement of your light fixtures have an effect on the mood and function within a space. You have the option to create a sense of wonder, security, and modern practicality with the installation of lights in your landscape.

A good rule to follow when exploring where to place lighting is fixtures should not be noticeable during the day, or distract from the feel of the space. There are the traditional options of white or warm light, and there are also colored choices like pinks, blues, and purples for backyard spaces that can add an eccentric touch to the color palette.

Plants that have an architectural feel like yuccas, agaves, and cacti, or any that you simply love the look of, can become a new focal point with the assistance of lighting. Smaller and softer lights scattered around the landscape can also provide privacy and security; instead of a large single porch light focusing on one area, the dispersed light allows you to see your environment, enjoy the design, and not be centered in an outdoor spotlight.

Available light plays heavily into the perception of a space and will influence the ways you interact with your outdoor decor. Additionally, incorporating lighting is a sensible way to install safety into your outdoor areas. If your design has walkways, corners, or a meandering path, using light as landmarks is a practical choice that will ensure you and your guests can see their way in low light or at nighttime.

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