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Fall Glow: Warm Colors in the Garden

Making space for flowers that bloom at different times of year can enhance the passing of time.

Color is emotional. Whether it’s sprinkled around an open space or encouraged into a full color explosion, color has an impact on our mood and influences our perception of a space.

When thinking about your landscape, consider the areas you would like to call attention to and in what way. Yellows and oranges add a bright burst of color and instantly grab attention while pinks and whites can inspire a soft romance or feeling of lightness.

Color choice can be guided by multiple reasons. Selections can be made based on tones that will compliment the exterior of a home or personal preference. If you have a favorite color or combination, that’s always a solid place to start. Another classic jumping off point is to consider a feeling you want to inspire, especially if you are creating your own private retreat.

The shape and texture of foliage in a design can be highlighted by blending colors. Deeper tones like the images above, can add an intriguing contrast against greens and integrate a more muted richness; the distinction punctuating an otherwise monochromatic bed.

Once your plants are selected, they can be placed singularly for a visual focal point or arranged and dispersed across different beds to blend a larger space into a more cohesive color palette. Play with seasonal changes and make your landscape a living self-expression! Happy planting everyone!

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