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The Importance of a Seating Area

Having a place to sit is a pivotal part of creating an outdoor living space.
It is an unspoken invitation that it’s okay to relax where you are, to be there, to stay. 

Imagine having a living room with no seats or a kitchen table with no chairs. You would have questions right? Do I sit…on the floor? Do I sit…somewhere else?

Chairs and benches are welcoming. Not only for guests, but also for yourself – to be in an area and be comfortable for longer periods of time.

Seating ushers in choices. Morning coffee, evening tea, watching the sunrise or the sunset, an impromptu picnic, a conversation, an outdoor writing space, or another quiet cove to just be. All of these opportunities open up with the arrangement or installation of a seating area.

The nice thing about adding seating to a space is it is completely customizable. If you’re working with corners or slimmer pathways, consider building seating into the plan. Sometimes this can be the most efficient use of your space with the added bonus of a custom build.

A good tip for exploring your options while planning is to just stand out there. What do you want to do? What is missing? Find the place where you instinctively hover and mark that spot in your mind. If you find yourself standing in the same location over and over again, you’ve probably already found your seating area!

Once you’ve found your “spot” now comes the fun bit. Do you wish there was a bench, a bed, a swing, a bistro table? Consider the sun, the shade, and your natural instincts. Do you want to lie back and stretch out or prepare a courtyard to host your friends and family? Don’t shy away from multiple options, versatility is welcome!


Design intersects with purpose, planning, and personal aesthetic. The space you already have is a canvas where you can paint the picture you’ve been holding in your mind.

Find your outdoor living space, and take a seat!

Can you see the outline of your future seating area? Let us know!

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