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Let it Pour: Harvesting Rainwater

harvesting rainwater is great for your landscape, your environment, and your wallet

I’m sure plenty of us can remember the traffic detours, rerouted trail runs, shuffled outdoor show plans, or the last time our smart phones all went off in harmonious unison because…flooding. Mother Nature literally gave us a raincheck.

So let’s work that natural cycle to the betterment of our landscape and our environment.

Harvesting rain water is a great opportunity for homeowners to supplement natural rainfall and contribute to reducing erosion and flooding caused by seasonal rains in our area.

Have gutters with a downspout? Great, you’re almost there! Rain barrels capture water from your roof and hold it for later release. An added financial benefit is rain is provided by nature, complimentary and free of charge. You can use your collected rainwater on the lawn, garden or your indoor plants.

For those keen on conservation, it can be a quick adjustment with a visible impact on your home landscape. Rainwater is great for plants because it has a slightly acidic pH and is naturally soft, lacking the salts and treatment chemicals often found in other water sources .

Cities and states (including our own) offer rebates to encourage implementing changes that can help with both stormwater management and water conservation. This is another key part for environmental change – slow the flow down.

The more rain barrels, cisterns, and rain gardens we have in our area help reduce the likelihood of rains overwhelming our stormwater infrastructure.

Interested in getting started? Let’s do it together!

For more information on harvesting rainwater visit the links below:

Rain Catcher Pilot Program

City of Austin Rebates & Grants

Texas A&M AgriLife Rainwater Harvesting

Texas Water Development Board: Water for Texas

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