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Stand Tall: Art within the Xeriscape

This month, I sat down with one of our award-winning designers Jill Zimmerman, and asked what she feels when designing a xeriscape.

“It’s an opportunity to show the art of plantings. Using them in clusters, the plants stand out more. Similar to what you see in the wild, with meadow-like areas punctuated by larger upright plants and structural elements.”

Creating a xeriscape is like curating a living collection. There are options on all sides, an array of plant choices for the desired effect. She illustrates how beautiful the selection and arrangement can be, because it mirrors nature.

Designing with native and adapted plants can embody a full spectrum of visual aesthetics. Jill highlights the stunning diversity we find in natural landscapes, mirrored in the design process where each plant and placement is selected with care.

“…different foliage shapes and textures. With pockets of plantings there is more variety in the landscape, each planting has their own color, style and contrast. It becomes an art piece.”

Lawn is often used as a filler, a shortcut for design by way of blanketing a space in turf grass with higher water requirements instead of using alternative grasses. Xeric design does not mean that we must compromise our entire personal style, or that no plants are included – quite the opposite.

“give space, allow plants to do what they do naturally”

Most envision a traditional landscape and start with the expected. In the Greater Austin area we are establishing a new cultural practice. The only difference is, the results are unexpected.

Can you see your future xeriscape? Reach out to us here, let’s bring it into full view.

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