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June 2020

Container Plants in Your Landscape

by Erin Crespo / June 2, 2020

Container gardening adds versatility to large gardens and is an ideal choice to add character to smaller spaces. Container plantings lend instant color, provide visual interest, and can even bring the architecture of the house into the garden.
Container gardening can be enjoyed for one season, or designed to last for years. A nice feature of container plantings is you can plant almost anything in a container so long as the plant has enough water, light, and nutrients.Single, large containers can be used for outdoor decoration, and arrangements of various sized pots can create a unique and personal focal point.Planting with a blend of different species in the same pot are fun to put together and offer almost limitless possibilities. Experiment, and if one plant doesn't work out, try something else.[gallery columns="2" ids="17658,17641"]A pair of identical containers to frame a walkway can be an inviting welcome! Combining upright and trailing plants, or edible herbs with flowering choices uses the different foliage to create visual and colorful interest.Container gardening can also be a practical choice. If you are short on space, using containers on a deck or patio brings color and ambiance to different outdoor areas.Almost any vegetable, flower, herb, shrub, or small tree can grow successfully in a container. Large containers hold more soil, which resists fluctuations in temperature; spread a layer of mulch as you would in the garden to help retain moisture and insulate your plants from the heat.When making plant selections, choose varieties that suit our climate and the amount of sun or shade the container will receive.[gallery columns="2" ids="17655,17657"]Light-colored containers will keep the soil cooler than dark containers and keep in mind that container plants will need thorough watering and regular feeding in their routine. How often will depend on many factors such as weather, plant size, plant varieties, and the size of your pot. Whichever container style you spring for, drainage holes will be essential.
For containers to remain attractive all summer long, look for warm-weather annuals that bloom all season or have foliage that stays engaging. Whatever your personal style is, there is a container choice and plant option that matches your aesthetic!

Ready to liven up your landscape with container planting and pottery arrangements? Reach out to us to get started!

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The Living Room is Outside

by Erin Crespo / June 2, 2020

Similar to finishing an attic or remodeling a basement, building an outdoor room in your landscape makes the best of space you already have.

Think about your home and all the places inside. Each room serves multiple functions and can be arranged to suit the occasion. The same principle extends into your landscape. The back porch where you drink your morning coffee and enjoy a quiet moment is the same place that you can entertain guests with music, games and laughter.[gallery columns="1" size="medium" ids="17193,17201,17171,17174,17167,17183,17179,17711,17191,17161,17226,17713,17166,17202,17218,17180,17214,17164,17163,17203,17190,17197,17162"]
A wonderful opportunity in landscaping is the ability to amplify what is already inside - and bring it outside. Experience your home in new ways and create an additional space to share for seasons to come.

Expand your hosting potential this year! Reach out to us to build a room fit for making memories!

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