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COVID-19 March 2020 – Temporary Partial Closure Statement

:: There is an updated statement here. Please see for the most current Native Edge status ::

Good Afternoon,

First, we hope that you and your family are doing well during this tough time.

As the City of Austin, Travis and Williamson County have moved into the Shelter in Place order as of midnight, Tuesday March 24th we have a few changes we will be making around Native Edge to adapt accordingly.

For the health and safety of our employees, our customers and the Austin community, we have made the decision to temporarily close our offices and work from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic (Coronavirus). 

This temporary closure will last for the duration based on health and medical recommendations by the CDC and City of Austin, currently through April 13th, 2020. Although we were already taking extreme precautionary measures, we must do the right thing as a community to stop the spread of this virus as swiftly as possible. We hope you join us for the sake of our communities’ health in staying home for this time, if not longer.

As a local business, this decision did not come lightly, as our work is our livelihood. As a company, we have offered our employees additional paid time off in hopes to continue supporting our family here at Native Edge and we are working non-stop to continue supporting our team through this – financially and otherwise.

Our Design Team will continue to create and produce award winning designs during this closure, and will be available via email for any questions or new ideas for your space. We ask that phone calls be scheduled via email to ensure our Design Team is not overwhelmed during this time. Your Designer will reach out to you directly to reschedule any currently scheduled meetings on the calendar. If you are interested in continuing with your currently scheduled presentation, we are offering virtual presentations via video conference, all documents will be shared via email in PDF format, and final payments will be due as scheduled at time of presentation. Your Designer can schedule the details with you accordingly. Otherwise, all presentations will be rescheduled when face to face meetings are able to resume again.

Our Installation Foremen and Maintenance Account Managers will reach out accordingly to let you know of new dates, and projected rescheduled start dates. 

If you are in the process of scheduling an installation or new maintenance contract with us currently, we encourage you to continue communication via email and all new schedule emails will be sent out upon our return to business as usual. However, the queue will remain the same in scheduling on a “first come, first serve” basis.

This continued communication will allow us to continue securing dates on our calendar for no additional delays for the year of 2020.

If you have a current installation and construction or maintenance contract with us, Paragraph 6, Section F, ix states that safety and sanitation are important to keep maintained.

In our industry – keeping walkways and properties clear of debris falls under safety, and keeping lawn and weeds at bay falls under sanitation to keep pests and rodents out of the yard. Regularly scheduled maintenance contracts will continue as scheduled until otherwise advised by City officials or requested by our customers per Code Enforcement.

Current properties that are under construction will be completed to the point of being safe to enjoy during the Shelter In Place order; this does not necessarily mean the project will be fully completed at this time unfortunately. 

During this time, all meetings, presentations and new contracts that are not in-progress will be temporarily suspended for the time period of being on the Shelter In Place order. Our calendar will shift accordingly; meaning – if your project or meeting was scheduled for the 26th of March, your new date would move back by a little over two weeks, on the 14th of April; all scheduled in chronological order as they were. Should the closure need to continue beyond two weeks, we will just continue to adjust our calendars accordingly; however updated firm dates may not be available to us until a reopening is scheduled. We greatly appreciate your patience with the situation during this time.

As we have previously stated, if you would like to move any meetings, installations or pause your maintenance services for additional time beyond the Shelter In Place order, we are happy to plan accordingly as best we can to accommodate everyone in a timely fashion. Please allow our team a little additional time as we settle in with our families to coordinate with you for scheduling new dates for all meetings, installations and maintenance services while we all adjust to this major life event.

At this time, Native Edge will not be offering any refunds as we will continue business as normal as soon as we are back running. Please advise us of any medical emergencies for you or your family and our owner will reach out directly.

Please stay tuned to our newsletter, social media and direct correspondence for updates regarding a firm reopening date!

In the meantime, stay safe, stay sanitized, and enjoy this time in your own space with your family! And be creative – get gardening! 

Rodney Stoutenger, Owner

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