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Native Modern Mueller

These modest homeowners were looking for drainage solutions, low maintenance plantings, and an entertainment space they could enjoy outside. Mowing the grass had been a pain in the past, so with this design we decided to remove it entirely. Instead, more native grasses were utilized to take in water and reduce erosion. A new fence modernized and updated the space and allowed the interior of the backyard to be leveled providing more opportunities for design elements like a floating bench and custom built fire pit.

Project Info

Designer: Dillon Tuttle
Project date: December 2, 2019
Price range: $75,000 - $100,000

2 thoughts on “Native Modern Mueller”

  1. Hi there. I’ve shopped at Garden Seventeen and was wondering if they offered any installation services, so found my way here. I have a xeriscaped back yard in our rental houses (that is basically just 3 different beds of rocks) and would like to convert one into plantings. It’s not a huge job, but is that something I could solicit your services for? Happy to send pics in advance if that’s an easier way to assess before getting started. Thanks.

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