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Time Is Money

Plants are living things, and just as we grow throughout our lives, so do they. Aside from the rewarding experience of watching your yard begin to flourish, planting immature plants is a cheaper and more effective way to acclimate your plants to their surroundings. However, this should come with the understanding that your landscape may look more barren than you were hoping for during the initial stages, and THAT’S OKAY!

Take, for example, one of our projects pictured above. The picture on the left is right after the plants were installed in February and the one on the right is seven months later in August. In only a half year’s time, areas that had no discernible plant life are now almost fully grown and lush.

Before a plant is established they need to be attended to and watered properly, so they can develop their root system. It’s important to not water them too little or too much, both of which can kill your new plants. After they are established they should require less. If you are wondering when your plants have become established you can follow these general rules.

  • Perennial plant roots are established after about a year. 
  • Annuals can be established as quickly as six weeks.
  • Trees typically take one to two years to establish.

These are general timelines to help you anticipate how much to water. Some plants may establish quicker than others. You’ll know if a plant has become established when you give it a slight tug and it stays in the ground or it starts showing  new growth.

Happy Planting!

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