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Native Edge Irrigation Tip

This time of year, every drop of water is important! With summer quickly approaching, it is a good idea to test your irrigation system for any leaks, wear and tear, over-spraying, or lack of coverage. You can easily do a quick test of your own irrigation to be sure there is no water being wasted, and that your system is not causing run-off.

To perform your own test, run through each zone for at least 2-4 minutes and keep a look out for pooling water, over-spraying onto concrete areas, and breaks or leaks throughout the system. Since the water is high pressure, you can typically see an area of erosion or a hole in soils, mulches or top dresses where water may be leaking.

Another great way to prevent wasted water in the landscape is by keeping all parts and pieces of your irrigation system, including nozzles, up to date! We learn more every day, and more efficient systems are now available on the market. If your system is 8+ years old, it is a great idea to have this thoroughly checked out by a professional.

During our Maintenance Programs, these are areas of concern that we commonly check and repair as quickly as possible. However, you can also schedule a one-time service visit with Native Edge to have your system checked with a quick run through!

The City of Austin also offers wonderful service checks and rebates to keep your irrigation up to date.

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