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What’s Our Edge?

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Every day I have new customers ask me what sort of services Native Edge Landscape can provide, and every day I have the same answer – We can do whatever you want.

Native Edge is a full-service, completely custom landscape design company. I spoke with our designers to get a better understanding of what this means. “We will walk you through every step of the process, from design, presentation, plant selection, material selection, as well as finish out pieces,” Lead Designer Rodney Stoutenger explained. “Our process is intuitive, which means it is built around your lifestyle needs and how you use your space.”

This is what sets Native Edge apart from other full-service landscape design companies. “We become a part of the family for a short time,” Rodney continued. “The amount of involvement we have is part of the investment we make in creating a comprehensive, cohesive plan to incorporate how you live into the design of your yard.”

My favorite example of this is the shed Designer Jill Zimmerman conceptualized. “When you think of a shed you pretty much know what it will look like. The custom one we created has spaces between the slats so vines could grow up it, the roof matched the roofline of their garage, and since it backed up to the garage we were able to save money by not building a fourth wall. That shed was almost as much the customer’s design as it was mine. We worked within the means of that space to come up with something that really fit what they were looking for.”

Jill’s favorite custom landscape that Native Edge constructed is one of Rodney’s designs. “That was an old house that the customer remodeled to add a second floor. They ended up with one big pitched roof and just grass in the front. They wanted something that made the space more intimate and welcoming,” Rodney said.

“We built a low seating wall to create a courtyard that is the same angle out into the yard as the roof. So it tied into the architecture of the house and created a really cool space.” You can also see how he mimicked the existing circular deck with curved metal edging.

These are just a few examples of the custom features our designers create every day here at Native Edge. Your property is only limited by you as a customer and your designer’s creativity. When you receive a design from Native Edge, it will be completely customized because it will be literally designed around you.

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