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From the Inside Looking Out

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My only experience with landscaping is getting eaten alive by mosquitos and unwillingly killing every plant I have ever touched. So, as you may imagine, it has been a bit of a learning process in the few months I have worked here at Native Edge Landscape.

Through my work on the website portfolio I had the pleasure of perusing the professional photographs we have had taken of completed landscaping projects. I was struck by the pictures taken from inside of the homes looking out into their new landscapes. There is a power and a peace to these photos. Your eye is immediately drawn to the unique features, and you almost feel as if something is pulling you out into the yard. That feeling is what compelled me to sit down with our Designers and ask them about their work.

Lead Designer Rodney Stoutenger founded Native Edge in 2008 to offer a responsible, full-service alternative to the disconnected experience he saw among other professional landscape services. Nine years later, Native Edge is a thriving business with a foundation of loyal customers. The reason for this is a focus on design. “We are essentially engineers, we don’t just work with plants,” noted Rodney. “We create an outdoor living space that becomes an extension of the home.”

“I love seeing that customers now value their yard instead of viewing it as something they just have to maintain,” added Designer Jill Zimmerman who is celebrating her two year anniversary here at Native Edge. “Our work lets you use your yard as you use your home every single day.”

“And that is unique to Austin,” Rodney chimed in. “Austin’s climate allows us to enjoy our outdoor spaces almost year-round.”

“I like to implement focal points in the landscape that correspond to the main living spaces of the house so that you are intrigued by what you see and want to go outside,” Jill continued. You can easily see such interesting elements in her design above. This explains a little of the magic of the photographs.

The collaborative environment and dedication to quality here at Native Edge has given me a new appreciation for my coworker’s beautiful designs. I have learned that a new landscape not only adds monetary value to your home, but it also makes your whole property useable. By integrating new elements into previously unused areas, you are giving your yard a new purpose, and that is value money can’t buy.

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