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Rosedale Modern Courtyard

This project won the bronze awards for Landscape Design in the 2017-2018 Texas Excellence In Landscaping Awards.

This duplex has a very modern aesthetic with focuses on clean lines and metal accents. However, the front courtyard was undeveloped and uninviting. We worked with the client to tie the courtyard and the property together by adding clean, monochromatic details with a heavy focus on texture. 

The main goal of this project was to add a low-maintenance outdoor living space that was an extension of the home. The small space and harsh sun exposure limited the plant pallet, but we were able to use lush plant material to maximize the space. A monochromatic pallet makes for a perfect backdrop for focal points and key pieces. The circular fire-pit was used to break up the 90 degree angles of the space, and also played off the round pottery. 

Project Info

Designer: Rodney Stoutenger
Project date: January 4, 2017

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  1. Hi…. I am in contract on a place in the chestnut area of east Austin. I’d like to get a landscape small place design done and implemented.

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