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Terry Town Condo Courtyard

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This customer had grown tired of constantly fighting her yard. Though it was small, it’s steep slope proved to make keeping it in tip top shape an impossible task. Slopes are never easy for grass to grow on. For one, our already infrequent rain does not have a chance to reach the roots as gravity pulls the water down hill before it can soak into the soil. The struggling grass also created an erosion problem where the customer was finding more and more dirt piled along the fence. Finally, the slope of the yard was simply not a comfortable space for friends and family to use as overflow space when the patio was full.

Our solution was to introduce a series of level terraces. These terraces allowed the grass to capture water, slowed down water flow to prevent erosion, and provided additional useable space for her guests to enjoy.

Project Info

Designer: Jake
Project date: October 11, 2015

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