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Yard Crashers In Review

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Man, what an experience and an HONOR. We had a ton of fun and hope you enjoyed the episode (assuming you have seen it). If you have yet to see it, check out where you can watch it here. Here are a few pictures from behind the scenes!



Hardly started and everyone is already feeling the heat.


Friends and family painting the pergola before its assembled.







Dave got to be a pro at this by the end!

IMG_4992 IMG_4985 IMG_4978
IMG_4937 IMG_4915 IMG_4912 IMG_4907 IMG_4894

Greg thinks he's cool.

Greg thinks he’s cool.

IMG_4876 IMG_4870 IMG_4857 IMG_4854 IMG_4839 IMG_4838 IMG_4821 IMG_4813

Cutting up a keg to use for a fountain.

Cutting up a keg to use for a fountain.





Eight foot pallet wall


Key water fountain.


Film crew taking after shots.

IMG_5077 IMG_5063 IMG_5061



Yard Crashers’ DP, Producers, and Host relaxing after a SUPER long and hot day.


Home owners dog enjoying the new grass in front of the new backyard stage

Now thats the face of a satisfied customer.

Now thats the face of a satisfied customer.


Left to right: Designer Erin, Install Forman Kyle, Marketing Director Jake, Lead Designer/President Rodney, Yard Crashers Host Chris, Yard Crashers DP Esther

Home Owner KiKi's Dad and our associate producer Marie singing at our wrap party.

Home Owner KiKi’s Dad and our associate producer Marie singing at our wrap party.



2 thoughts on “Yard Crashers In Review”

  1. I just finished watching an episode of Yard Crashers that you were involved with in Austin, TX. I really liked the fountain you made out of a beer keg. I am interested in making one and was curious if the are any plans available to help me construct one? Please let me know.

    Thanks, William

    1. Thank you for your interest, William! Unfortunately, there is no tutorial just yet – but we are working on one as we have had many requests! This was a unique creation our Lead Designer came up with to fit the theme for this particular project!
      What we did was removed the insides of the keg, plumped it with the appropriate tubing for our pump, then sealed it off at the top to ensure a water tight fit. This tubing then runs about 8″ beneath the keg into a basin and secures to the pump. This basin sits just level with the surface (the black plastic/ resin square, which has a weight barring grate to go across the top, shown in the episode) and the water is pumped through the tubing and spills back down into the basin to create the recirculating water feature. We then top dressed this basin with some polished beach pebble for a nice finish!
      We will be happy to send you a link when the tutorial is completed, otherwise stay tuned to our blog to find out more!
      Thanks again!

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