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Native Edge Sends Help To Wimberley

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Often on this blog when we talk about rain, it’s to discuss the lack of it. However, as you know, we were blessed to have an incredibly wet spring. May being particularly drenched. The rains brought renewal and new life, where drought had destroyed. Plant life we had not seen in years flourished. Wildlife boomed. Lake’s filled. Tree’s produced new growth in a way they had not in years. Unfortunately, as nature often does, her blessings do not come without a cost.

Any sudden change can be dangerous, and we saw that during the historic Memorial Day floods in Central Texas. Tragically, many families lost not only their home’s, but love ones as well.

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Mason Royal

Crew Leader

At this moment, I’d like to highlight one employee. Mason Royal is a Crew Leader on our install team. Currently training to be a fire fighter, one conversation with him and you quickly get the understanding that the motivation behind his career path is out of compassion. The destruction in Wimberley pulled at his heart strings and he decided he would spend his weekend doing what he could to help.

Mason approached Native Edge Owner, Rodney, and asked if he could borrow some small equipment for his volunteer work. When Mason mentioned that another member of the team was also interested in traveling with him, Rodney was so inspired by his actions, and thoughtful nature, that together they opened the invitation up to the rest of the team and staff members. Volunteers from every department immediately signed up. After seeing the amount of participation from the company staff, Rodney deployed Mason with a determined crew, truck, trailer, and all the equipment that they felt they possibly needed.

So our team of volunteers hit the road, excited to make a difference in their own backyard – and for that, we want to applaud Mason, Kyle, Jill, Mark, and Jose for their acts of kindness, hard work and dedication to helping others!


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Installation Foreman


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Install Crew


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Maintenance Crew
















1 thought on “Native Edge Sends Help To Wimberley”

  1. Lisa and Chris Webre

    Just snail mailed you a note yesterday, but thought it was very fitting to include it here as well. Your team of volunteers were a Godsend!

    Mason, Jill, Kyle, Mark and Jose,
    Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you did to help us with our flooded home! As overwhelmed as we were, we were truly humbled at the outpouring of compassion and hard work! You kept us going, and I can’t begin to imagine how hard everything would have been without your help!
    We are so blessed!
    Lisa & Chris Webre

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