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Brentwood Xeriscape

IMG_4481Small yards are always a welcomed challenge!  The exposed utilities, and awkward slope presented even more landscape challenges to deal with.  Despite these obstacles, we were able to create an accessible and inviting space by using three different pathways as a focal feature of the yard, leading into the open and borderless design.
To makes the space feel larger, a custom designed steel retaining wall was installed and the yard was regraded to achieve this effect.  The sawn limestone slab stairs wedged between sheets of steel offer a contrast that is Modern-Rustic; a landscape style emerging here in Austin. A steel trellis to hide a collection of utilities is featured opposite a steel box planter, which add to the style as well as complimenting the asymmetry of the home very nicely.
We used a simple, airy, and of course, drought-tolerant plant palette.  Evergreen trailing rosemary to spill over the retaining wall, a carpet of thymes to creep in amongst the limestone slab pavers, and some well chosen tropical looking plants will soften the entire feel as they grow.  It’s such a unique landscape! Can’t wait to see how it matures!


6 thoughts on “Brentwood Xeriscape”

    1. Good Morning! The metal in our Brentwood Xeriscape is Corten steel. Developed to eliminate the need for painting and keep a stable rust-like appearance after several years. While the steel is still new, you can apply any of the products from to prevent rust or add color to the steel!

  1. I’m interested in getting an estimate for custom steel planters boxes along the edge of my front yard. I’d welcome the opportunity to share more and learn about your work.

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