Oct 24

With the up-and-coming neighborhood of Crestview changing daily, these clients wanted to finish off their remodel by updating their landscape to fit their style, and the modernized neighborhood. With their home already having some modern/contemporary lines and design elements, it was easy to expanded and shadow that within the landscape. By creating predominate features like these metal box planters, we needed to keep the plant pallet simple, and chic. We used a pallet of very architectural plants, low maintenance native plants, and topped it off with a top dress of Decomposed Granite for a pop of color and sense of durability.


  • Linda Sherman October 24, 2012 at6:29pm Reply

    Where in Crestview is this? I like the yucca and cacti! Nice job folks. 🙂

  • Jessica May 25, 2015 at12:31pm Reply

    I love your design. What did you use for the edging? Did you have it custom made with the planters? I’m looking for something similar and not sure where to find it.

    • Rodney Stoutenger May 26, 2015 at9:16am Reply

      Hey Jessica! Some of the edging was custom made, other parts of the installation were the standard Unfinished Metal Edging. If you would like, send me an email and I would be happy to supply you with a few locations that typically carry the product! [email protected]

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