In this scheduled complimentary* one hour meeting, one of our landscape professionals visits your home or project site.  We will take the time to walk the property with you to get an idea of the type of site we will be working with. During this time, we will discuss your problems/concerns with your current landscaping, as well as any dreams or inspirations you may already have. Our ultimate goal in this meeting is to understand you, your  lifestyle, and the things you like the most. How can your yard complement who you are? How can it match your personal expression of style? What design elements would feel like “home.” This unique understanding of you and your property allow us to create your sustainable dream landscape! Once we have a good feel for your property and a clear understanding of what you are looking for, we can start the next step in bringing your landscape dream to life – the design phase.
*A small fee may apply for visits outside of Austin. A cancellation fee of $50 will be charged for any appointments canceled without appropriate notice and/or client no shows.


Now, with all that our design team has learned about you and your property, we are able to craft a beautiful Landscape Design. Each element is expertly drawn out in a visual representation by one of our designers.  Our Designers offer sketch renderings for smaller landscapes modifications, to full construction specs for planning a whole new landscape!

One more meeting takes place which we call the Design Presentation. In addition to the “blueprint style” design, this presentation includes everything you need to comfortably understand the design and its elements: plant photos & key, information on planting, samples, textural pieces, garden accessory photos, and specific design notes.

Now that we have a Design, we can look into the Installation Phase.



This is our favorite part! Seeing the vision come to life! With our installations we like to make every step as easy as possible on you as the homeowner. We understand that not everything can happen at once. We can break our designs down into as many phases as we need in order to help you complete your dream landscape!

Ask about our 90 day plant replacement program!



Landscape Maintenance:maintNative Edge Landscape takes pride in the unique way our Maintenance Programs are structured. Our personalized custom programs are designed around your landscape and lifestyle needs. Our programs are à la carte – customizing each individual program to the wants and needs of each customer. Visit the Maintenance Page for more information on our programs.


Gardening Edge Training Program: If you’re the DIY home owner who only needs a little bit of help learning the finer points of gardening, the Gardening Edge Program is made just for you! This program keeps you up to date on all planting techniques, pest, and fertilizers. With Gardening Edge, we will work side by side with you as the home owner on planting plants and mulching. We will teach you maintenance practices such as treating fungi, disease, dealing with garden pests and pruning. We will leave you with the knowledge to take care of an established landscape or a new landscape; so you can feel confident that you know what you are doing!  This program is done on an hourly or monthly rate.


Charlie Approved!


Pet Waste Removal: Wouldn’t it be just wonderful if every time your lawn was mowed, and your garden beds weeded if your pet waste was removed as well? Native Edge Landscape is now offering Pet Waste Removal to all maintenance customers! This is a service that can be easily added on to any Maintenance Program! This service is typically recommended at weekly clean up, however we also offer biweekly service.





Other Services:

  • Holiday Decorating & Seasonal Decor
  • Interactive Children’s Gardens
  • Pond and Water Feature Installation and Maintenance
  • Deck and Pergola installation
  • Fence installation
  • Masonry Construction
  • Pet Waste Removal
  • Event Decor

*A small fee may apply for visits outside of Austin. A cancellation fee of $50 will be charged for any appointments canceled without appropriate notice and/or client no shows.