Interactive & Sophisticated Children’s Garden – Travis Heights, Austin, TX

Interactive & Sophisticated Children’s Garden – Travis Heights, Austin, TX

  What an amazing family! With 4-year-old twin boys – this landscape needed to handle a lot of interaction! By creating a dry creek bed for these young boys to play in; a patio for mom to sit with friends and watch the boys play; and a great focal piece of pottery to help anchor the entry to the yard; this landscape became just interactive enough to keep the young ones entertained & the up keep to a minimum so Mom and Dad had more time to keep up with the kids! The only ingredients needed were a couple of key design elements, and a pallet of native plants to create this beautiful landscape!

A little more about Rodney Stoutenger...

After several years working in the landscape industry, Rodney grew frustrated with the current “status quo” most companies follow. Rodney started Native Edge Landscape with a desire to change the way the landscape industry operated. His dedicated hands on approach has guided Native Edge Landscape and it's customers to a new vision of landscape. Rodney's passion of a multi-function design, paired with his eclectic funky style has brought Native Edge to where it is today!

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